Tuesday, May 5, 2009

just plain randomness

So today has been one of those days where nothing is really planned and we tend to just let whatever happens happen, except for school ofcourse. After school was all done, we had some small adventures and lots of fun. First as I was searching KSL.com Looking for random things. I came across a door for sale. Yes a door. You see I don't like how dark my kitchen is and it really is depressing with so little light in there. So I have been looking for a door with windows. I found one today it has glass from the middle all the way up. I am in love. I had to call and ask my most indulgent husband if I could go and purchase this door and he asked how I was going to get it home I said well I am going to take your truck. He made me promise that I would measure our current door to the enth degree and then measure the door I was going out to purchase before I handed over the cash. Guess what? It was a perfect fit.

Then as we were headed home we came around a little bend where there were goats and geese and ducks and rats. We had so much fun feeding all of the animals and I am a sucker for a baby goat so I wanted to stay all day and watch them. The kids had much more fun feeding the rats. I mean, after all, we have fed just about every farm animal you can name but we have never fed rats. I have to admit after my initial reaction of Rats? Where? I was fine, and it was interesting to watch them dart around in the way they do looking for bread. By the way we just happened to come across this place and it was just around the corner from the Sanborne's house, Who Knew?

Cute little baby goat he was so small!

Next we decided that I needed to stop at Sonic for Happy Hour. Oh dear, now if you read my previous post you will note I talked about having fewer choices. Well....Sonic is one of those places that has more choices than ever and the possibilities are endless. I ended up having a mango limeade, Elyssa had a mango limeade with pineapple and Ashton had an orange limeade with extra lime. Last week it was a lemonberry slush I think that is going to be my favorite...
next time I post it will be about the new door I will have before and after pics as well!
****A funny side note****
My mother was telling me a few days ago that her friend had cancer and my mother being who she is wrote a very nice email to this woman and explained that she would be praying and thinking about this individual. It was a fairly serious message, and at the end she wrote LOL....
I am so thankful that my sister was there to catch this error. She told my mom, "you can't put that, what is wrong with you?" My mom was flustered and couldn't figure out what she had done wrong. Abi asked her, "do you know what LOL means?" and my mom replied "LOTS OF LOVE."

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truthsekr said...

Yep we have fed Grandpa and baby Billy many times. I find it rather unusual that a goat would eat and fight over bread but they are just as bad as the ducks. Glad you enjoyed it. Feeding them has given us special memories also. :)