Tuesday, May 26, 2009

bloggin' from home...

We are home! Yay! No matter how much fun we have when we are away it is always really nice to come home and sleep in our own beds. Yesterday was our last day in Moab. First we got up and I made funnel cakes for breakfast, then we cleaned up camp and made sure that every thing was put away so that we could pull out, after we did a bit more explorin'. We had planned on staying the night in Price (more on that a bit later).... Before we left Moab we decided we needed to have just a bit more adventure. I had heard the ladies in the restroom talking about a little river that had swimming holes. I got the basic direction and we set out. It was extremely close to our camp ground. We went to Millcreek. It was so cool. there really were swimming holes and natural waterfalls, it was a rather shallow and narrow creek, but it did have a pretty good current. At first we were afraid to get to far into the water. However once we were in we went walking upstream. It was a really neat experince! And there were dragonflies the most bright neonblue I have ever seen. After we got about as far upriver as we wanted to, we walked up to the trail head. That is where I read that there was Poison Ivy in the imediate area. I guess it was a good thing we were walking in the river and not in the bracken and brush. I really did not give it a second thought. We then headed back to camp and Showered, and then we packed up the rest of the campsite and headed for Price. We stopped for lunch on the way out of Moab, by this time it was near 4:30 and we could see a fierce thunderstorm approaching. We knew we were going to have to drive through it! It just blows me away how much water can be dumped in very little time. We drove through it and it was crazy, Justin had the wipers going as fast as they would go, and it was nearly impossible to see through the winshield. The lightening was flashing all around us and the thunder was following imediately after. I felt really bad for the guys on motorcycles that were passing us. We drove in rain like that until we were well out of Green River. As we approached Price we were thinking that home was just a little bit farther down the road. And if it was only 7 pm what were we going to do until bed time? Anyway we stopped at walmart to stretch, bought some candy bars and got back on the road. We got home about 10:30 and went straight to bed. We were beat! This morning, After a really horrible night of allergies, I woke up to find that Elyssa was covered in a rash. Her face has a fine lacy red rash, also she has it on her arms and legs, Ashton has the same rash on his right arm. I started to freak out thinking it was poison ivy, I have never treated poison ivy. But come to find out I think it is Fifth Disease. They have both had it numerous times and it seems to go away on it's own. Elyssa's glands are a little swollen and sore, so I really think that is what it is.
Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed our travel journal.

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