Saturday, April 28, 2012

Reclaimed Chairs

Recently On a visit over to Justin's Parent's house, I caught a glimpse of some old chairs in the yard. And I commented on how cool they were. J's dad told me I could have them if I wanted to fix them up. Boy was I excited!!!!  He also told me that he rescued them from a garbage pile on the side of the road, he just could not see them going to waste.  I am so glad he grabbed those babies, and brought them home. 

I have been waiting for nice weather so I could get started. 

Today was the day! 


I was a little bit intimidated to start these chairs, I made my husband help me choose the fabric, and he was very patient with me. I knew I wanted to paint them, but I needed to know what fabric I was going to go with first and then I would match the paint. I first started out by removing the wood seat base. It had 4 little screws holding it on. Next I took a wire brush to the whole chair, knocking off any loose paint, dirt or rust. After that I washed them down with warm soapy water and hosed them off, and let them sit in the sun to dry. 

Meanwhile I took the wire brush to the wood and removed any spider nests, old staples and dirt. I also cut the square foam chair pads in a circle the same size as the wooden base.  And I cut the fabric in a large circle 5 inches wider  on all sides than my circle of foam.  

When the chairs were dry I went out and sprayed them with a Rustoleum double coat paint in *Lagoon. I knew It would never have a smooth finish due to the missing paint and what not, but I think it adds to the rustic quality. So with that in mind I sprayed the chairs trying to make sure I did not have runs in the paint but not caring if the finish was perfect. 

While the paint was drying I finished the cushions. I centered my foam on the face down fabric, placed the wooden base on top of that and started stapling the fabric on. Making sure to work around the piece on opposite sides. I stapled the first side and then stapled directly across from that. Then I worked my way around. I wish I had pictures to share of the process but I was in the zone.  

Lastly I screwed the chair seats to the chair. 


I spent about $28 to refurbish these chairs. 
With all of my Joann's coupons and sales. 
The outdoor UV fabric was $14
Seat Cushion foam was $10
Spray paint was $4

I am so happy with how these turned out. 
They are super comfortable and have a beautiful shape.
 I just wish they weren't so heavy.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Family photos

Family Photos are not something that I have ever made a priority. Sure, I take lots and lots and lots of pictures. But having a family portrait taken has not happened. Until now! It all started with a dress. I took E out for breakfast a few weeks ago, and we were able to get a little bit of shopping in. Her favorite color in the whole world is orange and we found a really cute orange dress at Susie's Deals. The problem was that it was for a teenage sized girl, not a little girl. And the back had been cut out of it, near the bottom. But she loved this little dress. It was on clearance for $3, but I haggled with the sales clerk to get it down to a buck. I mean after all, I was going to have to take it home and cut off some of the front to sew it onto the back just to make it wearable. At the same time I found a shirt that matched for myself, and an idea was born. What if we were all matchy, matchy for Resurrection Sunday? Ah, I had a vision of what we would all wear. The problem is that the fashion industry did not exactly have the same vision in mind. Only I did not know it at the time. I am much wiser now ;0)  It took me nearly 2 weeks to find a shirt in the same orange family for my son and husband. I tried every store in the valley! Well my part of the valley, after all one does have her limits. And I was determined that I was only buying shirts, not full on outfits. So the plan was to have E and I wear orange tops and white pants, and the guys are to wear orange and white tops with dark wash denim.  That is fine and all, until trying to find an orange that matches for all of us. Remember E and I were taken care of. Well I had a swatch of fabric left over from the butchering of E's dress. And I carried that thing around with me for nearly 2 weeks. And toward the end I was getting desperate. I looked like a little kid with his woobie, or Linus.  But I prevailed! I only had to buy Justin 2 shirts and have yet to take the original back.  For Justin I was determined to find a white button-up shirt with orange stripes. Hardest quest EVER!!!! But I did it, and I managed to keep us from looking like we were a hunting party!

So with out further ado here they are.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March Photos of the Month

I can not believe it is already April! And March was so very mild, even hitting 80 degrees. That absolutely never  happens in Utah!!!  I am really hoping we don't get a freeze. I would so love to get my garden in early for once. 

Well onto the photos...

J had to take a business trip to LasVegas, and I got to tag along. We had not been able to get away with out kids for 9 years!!!!  That is way too long and won't be happening again.  Vegas is definitely a strange place to be sure.  However, there is so much to see and do, that it is overwhelming.  I had a lot of  "Alone" time. I was able to explore until I was ready to drop. Besides all of the architecture of the beautiful hotels, I really loved spending time in the art galleries scattered through out most of the shopping centers. I discovered artist  Vladimir Kush, his art is amazingly whimsical. Check out his site here.
 My Vegas Shoes, I am not a girly girl that "loves" shoes, as a matter of fact I don't like shoe shopping at all. But, I knew I wanted a special pair to have in Vegas. So off to Ross I went. I found these on sale for $16.00 can you believe it?  They are super fancy! 

 This is inside The Venetian Hotel, which is amazingly beautiful. The Gondoliers were singing opera and it echoed through the entire canal area. It was a really cool experience. This was the only white gondola inside the hotel, and it is different from all the rest. Just look at the heart shaped, red velvet seat. So romantical!

 Ah, a garden sanctuary in the middle of the LasVegas Strip! I wandered into The Flamingo, and found myself  in a garden full of beautiful birds. There were a lot of people there, but it was not crowded. It was full of waterfalls and ponds, with a wonderful array of very large Koi. As I wandered the garden I found myself next to the little wedding chapel. It was empty and there was a patio area. I had the whole place to myself. I took an hour to rest and just enjoy the quiet. The Strip is such a loud, crowded place and it can be draining.  As I was leaving my little private garden, I nearly stumbled into a private wedding. Oooops!

 One of my favorite things about Vegas is the lights. Every where you  look, lights, lights and more lights!

More Vegas lights.   

 Another photo from inside The Venetian.

The walk way to get into The Venetian. 
I loved the architecture of these hotels. They are absolutely amazing. And the size is incredible. Buildings look so close together because they are absolutely huge. But you quickly get a lesson in perspective once you start walking The Strip. I also walked Caesar's Palace, got a look at a spiral escalator for the first time, and some gorgeous windows and paintings on the ceilings.