Tuesday, January 22, 2013

December Photos of the month.

I am so behind!!! Oh well! I guess I will just have to learn it is ok to be behind on my blog I will eventually catch up on things, So here is my lame attempt at that. 
I skipped November photos of the month because in reality I did not take very many photos.  And i  am thinking that many of Decembers photos will end up on January's photos of the month. 

 This year I really wanted a new tree. Ours was a cheap one we got on an after Christmas sale quite a few years ago. It really was a nasty little thing to deal with. I also wanted to see if we could borrow Justin's Parents white tree to avoid dealing with the other one. So with a little searching they were able to dig it up and we were told we could borrow it as long as we did not bring it back. I LOVE this tree SOOOO much I can't even tell you. 1strand of 300 white lights made this tree light up like you would not believe! It was glowing! Needless to say we did not go shopping for another tree after Christmas.
 Justin and I at Little America Hotel for Justin's Company Party. This is the 7th year we have attended this party. I wish we would have started taking a photo every year in this same spot.  I only have one for last year and this year. It would have been interesting to see the changes.  We always have a great time at the party.
Sadly just before Christmas my baby brother was standing with his back to a bonfire, hanging out with his friends. When someone poured gas on the fire. Although Caleb was 10 ft away, he caught fire. The fire went into the gas can, pressurized and then like a flame thrower saturated him in gas and fire. He did the right thing by dropping and rolling but he was rolling too fast. they finally got the flames out and he was rushed to the hospital. He was then transferred to the Burn Unit at University Hospital. He ended up being in the hospital for a total of 11 days in the hospital. it will take 2 years for his hand to be back to 80% of normal. He also had burns across his lower back, down both legs, his hip and from his knees down on the inside of his legs.   I have never seen anything like that in my life. And I hope I never have to again. It was seriously the most horrifying thing to see burned flesh. Sitting with him in the Emergency Room I realized I could handle more than I thought I could If I have too. This picture was taken a few days later. He had a fever. On top of all of this. Because he had open wounds, we had to be very careful not to get him sick. He spent Christmas in the Hospital. And for the most part I was not able to go up and stay with him much. I was either working or coming down with some kind of cold.  Which made me really sad!

That leads me to one more thing. "Working"
Recently I started working outside of the house for the first time in 12 years. Let me tell you, it has has been CRAZY!  I didn't realize when I started training in late October that when they opened the new location I would be going into a new job at the busiest season of the year. What was I thinking?????  Couple the busy-ness of just being a mom, with a new job, plus I am still homeschooling  E. Throw my own Christmas traditions and planning, baking, shopping, and other responsibilities into the mix. Caleb's burn injury, we had a car stolen and recovered, I got sick, the kids have been sick. Christmas concerts, parties and services, and work. It made for one crazy busy season. I am so glad that is over with. 
I really am enjoying my new job. I work at the New Megaplex Movie Theater in town. Thankfully I am in the Box Office. It is a great job. Very easy for the most part. But it is long hours of just standing in the same place. I absolutely love the group of people I get to work with, they are fantastic. Plus my supervisors have been incredibly patient with me. I could not have asked for a better work environment! Hopefully now things are slowing down and I have a better handle on things around here. I might just get a chance to pull out my camera and take some pictures.