Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our Favorite Picture

Elyssa has snapped a few more pics and we have counted these ones as our new favorites. Every time we see them we laugh really hard.

Last week I walked outside to hear a horrible meowing sound. I decided to check it out and found a young cat. I think perhaps she might have been very hungry. Eyssa walked right up to her and picked her up. She was a gorgeous sleek gray with a really cool tail. We put her in our spare dog kenel and gave her some food (tuna) and water. After the cat ate she started howling and making a ruckus. I called animal control so they could find her a good home. She was young and had sweet disposition and was very adoptable. Before the shelter people could get here, Elyssa started taking pictures.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Time to get all caught up....

Well it has been awhile since I posted anything of real substance... and I feel like I have been caught up in a tornado of activity and it is only going to get worse!
Since I am making time to blog I thought that I would post some pics and some updates!

First of all Fall is here and we have finished harvesting the garden for the most part. What is left are the tomato bushes left to wither after the frost. Hopefully one of us will have some time to go and pull those out before it snows. Our grand total for our garden harvests this year: 273 lbs. 3oz. That does not include the 5 pumpkins or the giant snake melon we found hidden against the fence. This melon was about 5 ft long and weighed close to 15 lbs. we estimated. This total does not include the crate of green tomatoes I harvested and put in the garage. Keeping a record of all our harvests was a project we have decided to do for school. And it has been fun!
Justin and I went on a motorcycle ride up to Alpine loop. We made a day of it with his brother and sister in law. We stopped and had lunch on the way home at Iceberg. The scenery was gorgeous and it was the absolute best week to see the colors. I realize in this picture I am not wearing a helmet.... I don't wear a helmet and I am OK with that, but most people are not. I have surrendered myself, my husband and my children to the Lord! This leaves me at peace.

But don't look at the fact that I am not wearing a helmet look at the gorgeous colors we got to enjoy!

Justin left to go hunting in early October. I cry horribly when he leaves, this time of year makes me crazy until the hunt is over. This year was different though, I was talking with a friend and "abandonment issues" came up in the converstion. This was a wake up call!!!!! All of a sudden I realized what my problem was. And that day, about a week before the hunt, I started giving that over to GOD. I am happy to report that I did not cry this year!!!! That is such a victory for me.
Here is a photo of the happy hunters.

Justin's dad, Justin, and Rick (Justin's BIL)
Justin shot both of the elk.
The really cool story here is, Rick's 7 yr.old, Micah asked to talk to Justin one night on the phone during the hunt. He told Justin he was going to pray that Justin would be able to shoot his elk the next morning. And guess what? Not only did he shoot 1 he shot 2. I think it is so great that a young child can see that GOD answers his prayers!

While Justin was gone I decided I needed to paint something else in the house!
So I painted our bedroom ceiling, closet doors, door trim and window ledge....Purple! Yes, purple. It is a delightful muted shade that is a little dusky and a bit cozy maybe even romantic. I found some shutter closet doors that have been in our laundry room since we moved in. They were white and I took some burt umber paint to them and distressed them. Then I bought 2 new lamps one for each side of our bed. Also a few weeks ago I purchased a sign that says "always kiss me goodnight" it matched perfectly!!!! I now just need to get the bedding to match and some decent night stands and maybe a nice dresser.

eventually these doors will be turned on their sides and used more as a headboard right above our bed. but until then this is where they stand...
Total cost of make over so far.
paint ................................. $12.00
lamps 2 @ $7.49 each ......$14.98
brushes, rollers etc............ $10.00
burnt umber paint.............$ 2.91
Sign ....................................$ 2.00
shutter doors ......................Free
grand total...........................$41.89

Lastly but certainly not least...Just most recently.
Our little Ashton needed to have glasses, he could not see so well.
He has been such a great sport about it too! He has been excited!!!
His most important discovey with his new eyes...."Watching tv is like watching in High Def now!!!!"
I hope to blog more frequently mid December! Until then it may be a bit sporadic, I am hosting our 3rd annual pumpkin carving party this weekend, helping with a bridal shower next weekend, catering a wedding just before Thanksgiving, homeschooling the kids, and renewing my vows with my husband in early December. All in the midst of the holidays!!! You can check me out on . I will be guest blogging on Wednesdays sharing recipes and kitchen tips....
Love to you all my friends
thanks for dropping by,

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

U of U Kitchen Towel

So I posted last week that my mom was making these towels. And while we were out shopping this weekend I convinced her she needed to make this one.

It is up for grabs and I can ship it tomorrow if you want it!

$12.50 includes the shipping. I think it would be the perfect hostess gift for the next game!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Thursday Give Away at Heyrachiekay

Yesterday started the giveaways at

The give away is a really cute pendant. It is a Sterling silver tag stamped with a Jesus fish and a gemstone. They are cute. Go on over and check it out. First click on my link to Hey rachie kae, then read through her instructions to enter the contest....(you will need to click on her post title for the giveaway which will take you to the site of annas jewelry, choose yor favorite item, and then comment back on rachie kae's blog to enter. It is that simple! the contest is still open!!! Hurry!!!!