Sunday, September 12, 2010

August Photos of the Month

Holey Moley!!! It is September 12th, and I have not posted my photos of the month post. This is getting crazy...

The first photo is a picture of my husband and his brother on their bikes as they took a drive up the canyon. I did not get to go but they always try to take a few pictures.  Justin is on the left. 

My favorite practice picture yet. Sunflowers in the backyard, rising up out of the corn patch. 

Our first real good garden fresh tomatoes. Ashton planted these TAXI tomatoes and they are yummy! 

When Abi took a recreational therapy trip to her work, she ran into this couple. They are regulars and they have been following her story and missing her. They were thrilled to be in the restaurant when she made a surprise visit. 

This tree was at the trail head on the way up to Doughnut Falls. 
See the heart?

We sat on a bridge during our hike to get some photos.

When Abi had her "welcome home" party this was posted outside her work place. 

One night there was a ton of lightning and Justin decided we should go and take photos at 11pm at night. We used to be so spontaneous before we had kids. It is so hard to get back into that! We went and we had fun. However we had a hard time getting any photos. By the time we got out to the Great Salt Lake most of the lightening had died down. We did manage a few  though.

This is taken the same time and place as the last 2 photos only this was across the freeway and behind us.  The moon was super bright and the clouds were really cool. 

My refrigerator pickles.
 I just really like the colors and the vintage look of this photo. 

I am going to try to do better at taking more photos in September, 
but alas we are already half way through!
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