Tuesday, May 7, 2013

April Photos of the Month

Quiet, boring April!
I guess pulling out my camera was not in the plans last month. And sadly I have very few photos to post. 
I don't know who took these last few photos. Must have been one of the kids. 
Since February I have been scheduled to work 9 of the last 11 Saturdays.  
I only work one day per week and it seems like Saturday is the only day they want to schedule me. 
That is all about to change. I am tired of missing out on all of the family outings. So starting very soon. I will only work a Saturday here and there.  I am not opposed to working Saturdays, But every Saturday is not acceptable. 
So then I may be able to pull out my camera and work in some photography time. 

These are of Justin and one of his planes.  He just finished building this one. 

 And it is big! 

 I guess it is time to see if it flies? 

Spring is here and we hope to be outside much more now. Hopefully, I will remember my camera!