Thursday, March 29, 2012

Resurrection Sunday Treats

Aha! Finally some treats that are appropriate for Resurrection Sunday, that don't have bunnies and eggs all over them. We celebrate Jesus' death and Resurrection, not spring, bunnies, or eggs. So it is really nice to be able to have something available and not have to make a special trip out to a Christian book store to purchase. I happened upon these treats at my local wal-mart. I am super impressed with the boxes. As for the marshmallow covered crosses, we will have to wait and see. I am sure the kids will love them, what's not to love about chocolate and marshmallows right?

The best part is that they are only $1 each.  Being that we don't do easter baskets, the kids get to have a candy or something small but appropriate. Our focus is not on what we can get on this holiday but what we have been given.  However it is always nice to have an extra treat.

KUDOS! to Whitman's Chocolates!!!

My daughter loves the brown box and is already making plans for what she can use it for when the chocolate is gone.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

February Photos of the Month

Doggies (from left) Dixie, Bruiser, Chico, Skye 
We were dog sitting Bruiser and Chico.
 Bruiser belongs to my mom, he lost his eye in a fight. 
Chico belongs to Justin's mom and dad, he loves to climb into my purse and take a nap. 

 I couldn't resist trying to get a good shot of these geese. The sun was going down over the hill, and the golden hue of the grass against the grey sky and the silhouettes of the geese, just had a nice feeling to it. 

 One of the last pictures I have of Ashton before he got his braces on. 

 I Love this photo, She just knows what to do. 

 His favorite thing is reading. 

 You probably can't tell but she was very frustrated with me, 
I was taking too long to get my camera adjusted.

 Ah, Justin and his baby.

My 2nd  Zentangle. 
I really enjoyed doing this one.
Took about a week to complete on 8-1/2x11 cardstock. 
I am thinking it would make a nice greeting card.