Wednesday, February 6, 2013

January Photos of the Month

 I don't promise these are all from January. As a matter of fact I am pretty darn sure I took the last 2 in December. 
 I am officially a Trader Joe's girl! I am so glad they finally opened one in Salt Lake. It is a  bit of a drive to get there and definitely not very convenient to get too, but we have one. I was very disappointed in the size of the building. It is teeny tiny! And there were so many people there the day I went. But all in all I really enjoyed my visit. I purchased Olive oil, Parmesan cheese, Orange juice, Sea salt, a Ciabatta baguette, and a Trader Joe's reusable bag for a grand total of $13. None of the items I purchased were more than I would spend on them that if I went to Walmart, and  few of the items were a bit less expensive as well. 

 I saw a feather similar to this one on Pinterest, and I really wanted one. So I went to my 12 year old resident artist and asked her to draw one for me. She did a fantastic job! 

 She also drew this dog and I just love the softness of the finished piece.

 Her Baby Chick Eye turned out incredibly well. It has a fluffy baby quality to it that I really love. 
She received a Christmas gift this year from one of her youth leaders. He happens to have a printing company. He printed up 10 pads of tear off sheets that say  "An Original by Elyssa C."  The gift was a real ht and we love seeing what she comes up with on those pads of paper. 


Oh snap! It took me til February 6th to get a shot of this year's Christmas Cookies loaded.  
I hosted a class on sugar cookies and royal icing this year and we had so much fun. Then I came home and made over 400 of my own to hand out. I kept it down to just a few shapes so I could get them iced as quickly as possible. I am loving those mittens this year and the red, white and gray icing. I am also in love with the red and aqua color combo and can't seem to get enough of them. I am thinking I may make some hearts for V-day but we'll see. 
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