Friday, August 29, 2008

I have been tagged by Christa......

5 Things on my list to do today:
1. Take my son to Harmons so he can buy another plant (he already has 3; Vern, Zeke and Willo)
2. Put more laundry to wash.
3. Make dinner
4. Drag my husband out to do something fun to start off our Labor Day weekend right.
5. Mop the kitchen floor

5 Snacks I Enjoy
1. Butter Toffee flavored rice cakes with peanut butter on top.
2. Fresh garden tomatoes with string cheese.
3. Apples and peanut butter
4. Gelato
5. Anything with carbs really.... especially if it is super refined and really bad for me.

5 Things I would do if I was a sudden billionaire
1. Tithe
2. Buy a big ginormous house for myself and my mother each ;0)
3. I really need a vacation from the real world right now...... so vacation.
4. Save some for a rainy day.
5. New hybrid cars for all of us, so all my newly acquired money does not go to gas funds.

5 Bad Habits
1. I bite my nails..... just the ones on my fingers ( Elyssa is forever telling me to stop it)
2. I have become a procrastinator lately.
3. I sleep in way to often.
4. I forget to eat breakfast.
5. I over spend on the grocery budget

5 Places I have lived
1. Salida, Colorado
2. Montrose, Colorado
3. Albuquerque, New Mexico
4. Bend, Oregon
5. West Valley City, Utah

5 Jobs I have had
1. Fitness center attendant....... The Alta Club
2. Daycare field trip helper....... Wee Willie Winkle
3. Cashier at grocery store........Grocery Outlet
4. Sandwich Maker ..................Heroes
5. Homeschool Mom to Ashton And Elyssa or ......Research associate in the field of child behaviors and human development ;0)

5 Things most people don't know about me.
1. You don't want to know what my kids are saying right now......
2. I am a super SHY person
3. I don't have a routine right now
4. I have no clue what color to paint my walls
5. I am super lazy......

I tag Rachie Kae!!!!! Good luck and have fun!!!!

As Blogs Go......

I am new to the whole world of blogging but, as blogs go...... I am finding that it is much like a new born baby that needs to be nurtured in order to thrive. You have to feed them, that is what I am doing now. You must change them, or they just bug you until you do. You absolutely must put them down at night so that you can get some rest, not quite sure what they do in cyber space, but I hope it is also resting! Lastly they need lots of attention, other people ooohing and aaaaahing at them. They really love the attention. You even get to play lullaby's for them. Watch them grow and evolve......

I am tired from being up late at night with my newly borned blog. Dial up is no way to birth a blog. It is a long and arduous journey. One that takes many hours of patience and long suffering.

But alas, I LOVE my blog!!!! I am raising it the best I can and I hope that I can mold it into the blog, that I am really proud to call my own one day. So far I am biased I really think it is the cutest little blog.

For 2 nights now I have dreamed about my blog, it has invaded my sleep. Last night it was about the template, background etc.... colors flooding the back of my eyelids. At least it has not come to nightmares yet...... I mean what happens when I start to dream about all of the bad things that can happen to a helpless little blog?

Oh sheesh, I may need a vacation from my blog!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kung Fu Panda and Eclipse

Today I took the kids to see Kung Fu Panda,(No we have not started school yet).
I tend to wait until the movie we want to see is in the dollar theaters, and yes I am cheap. The kids asked me today if I cried during the movie.... no I did not. It was really funny and I enjoyed it alot. I did not tell them that as we were watching the previews before the movie started, that I was watching them and I was teary eyed. It seems that the more they grow and mature the more fun they are to hang out with. Can I tell you what joy it is to be able to decide on the spur of the moment that we are going to the movies? That we can just pick up and leave with out any preparation? I can't wait to see what else we find to do together.

Already I have read 3 of the Twilight series books by Stephanie Meyer to my kids. I have found that very little editing is needed so far, and they really love these books. We sit together and read whether it be in Elyssa's room, the living room, the kitchen table, or on the front lawn. I really enjoy these times together. My kids are getting so grown up I hardly know where the time has gone.

I have been very emotional lately....can you tell? I don't know why, but It is worse now that I am creating a blog.

For Starters

So we're starting a blog!!!!!
I have been reading the blogs of some of my closest friends and some from people who are almost total strangers. Some are interesting, beautiful, informative, deep, and they keep me coming back for more. I have decided it is time that we started blogging!!!!! Afterall, I have heard that writing is a form of therapy, and this is much cheaper!!!! sometimes I just need to rant and rave....
Please visit often and let us know what you think.