Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kung Fu Panda and Eclipse

Today I took the kids to see Kung Fu Panda,(No we have not started school yet).
I tend to wait until the movie we want to see is in the dollar theaters, and yes I am cheap. The kids asked me today if I cried during the movie.... no I did not. It was really funny and I enjoyed it alot. I did not tell them that as we were watching the previews before the movie started, that I was watching them and I was teary eyed. It seems that the more they grow and mature the more fun they are to hang out with. Can I tell you what joy it is to be able to decide on the spur of the moment that we are going to the movies? That we can just pick up and leave with out any preparation? I can't wait to see what else we find to do together.

Already I have read 3 of the Twilight series books by Stephanie Meyer to my kids. I have found that very little editing is needed so far, and they really love these books. We sit together and read whether it be in Elyssa's room, the living room, the kitchen table, or on the front lawn. I really enjoy these times together. My kids are getting so grown up I hardly know where the time has gone.

I have been very emotional lately....can you tell? I don't know why, but It is worse now that I am creating a blog.

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Jesse, Christa and Marshall said...

Another blog to stalk. Yippee! I love you and can't wait to read what's on your mind.