Thursday, August 13, 2009

More Hummers, Produce and Some Mad Scientists Too

We have humming birds at our feeders all day long. Justin sees them early in the morning before work and they come around late into the evening. Usually they fight over who gets to eat and they are very territorial as I have mentioned before. Here we have 3 hummers battling and fighting one another off. I had some fighting over my head one day, but I couldn't get a good shot because I was afraid to open my eyes. But I did hear their wings and beaks hitting one another.
Here I was able to get a shot of 2 of them facing off. I have only seen them eat together 1 time!

Justin spotted this little Girl and we were astonished that she did not have a tail. She looks like a little flying fluff ball. We don't know what happened to her, and she doesn't come around as frequently as the others.
Elyssa took the chance of getting up close and personal, in the lower right hand corner you will see the hummer she is having a face off with.
and then the hummer decided to come in for a closer look.
But he got distracted by the nectar.

Here Ashton is trying his luck at having a hummer perch on his hand. He did not succeed this day but the next evening he was successful. When I asked him about the experience, the one thing that he noticed the most, was the amount of body heat radiating off such a small creature.

Our harvest from last week, most of the zucchinni and squash made its way to Ruth's Kitchen, I am having such a hard time using it all up. You can barely see the Jalapenos but they are HOT! And the Snake Melon (armenian cucumber) was awesome! We harvested a little bit of our corn for dinner. It was soooo good!
Our curriculum arrived and the kids were dieing to go thru the science stuff so I let them at it... and they learned how to use the timer on the camera. They have already decided they want to be Mad Scientists for halloween.