Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Family photos

Family Photos are not something that I have ever made a priority. Sure, I take lots and lots and lots of pictures. But having a family portrait taken has not happened. Until now! It all started with a dress. I took E out for breakfast a few weeks ago, and we were able to get a little bit of shopping in. Her favorite color in the whole world is orange and we found a really cute orange dress at Susie's Deals. The problem was that it was for a teenage sized girl, not a little girl. And the back had been cut out of it, near the bottom. But she loved this little dress. It was on clearance for $3, but I haggled with the sales clerk to get it down to a buck. I mean after all, I was going to have to take it home and cut off some of the front to sew it onto the back just to make it wearable. At the same time I found a shirt that matched for myself, and an idea was born. What if we were all matchy, matchy for Resurrection Sunday? Ah, I had a vision of what we would all wear. The problem is that the fashion industry did not exactly have the same vision in mind. Only I did not know it at the time. I am much wiser now ;0)  It took me nearly 2 weeks to find a shirt in the same orange family for my son and husband. I tried every store in the valley! Well my part of the valley, after all one does have her limits. And I was determined that I was only buying shirts, not full on outfits. So the plan was to have E and I wear orange tops and white pants, and the guys are to wear orange and white tops with dark wash denim.  That is fine and all, until trying to find an orange that matches for all of us. Remember E and I were taken care of. Well I had a swatch of fabric left over from the butchering of E's dress. And I carried that thing around with me for nearly 2 weeks. And toward the end I was getting desperate. I looked like a little kid with his woobie, or Linus.  But I prevailed! I only had to buy Justin 2 shirts and have yet to take the original back.  For Justin I was determined to find a white button-up shirt with orange stripes. Hardest quest EVER!!!! But I did it, and I managed to keep us from looking like we were a hunting party!

So with out further ado here they are.

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Charlotte said...

You guys look so cute! I want to see the rest of Elyssa's dress though.