Monday, May 25, 2009

bloggin' on the road part 4

Well it is Memorial Day, and we are still on the road somewhere between Moab and Price, Utah.
Having tons of fun despite the rain every afternoon. It does rain but only for about an hour or 2 and then it clears and the temps are great atleast we are not baking! Yesterday we went to Arches again and hiked to Skyline Arch and then we went to the Devil's Garden area and it was packed The amount of people there was stunning and yet it was still very peacful the trails were crowded but not horribly so and the area is so vast that there is still a feeling of solitude it was kinda crazy. We have so far met people from all over the place, Quebec, Germany, Korea, and India just to name a few. At Devil's Garden we hiked to Tunnel Arch, and then on to Pine tree Arch. The weather was really warm and we decided not to hike any farther. Lucky for us, because as we stopped to eat lunch and head back down to moab we were over taken by the storm. I was so glad we were in the truck and not on the trails. The lightening was spectacular and the storm was pretty fierce for all of an hour. it moved very quickly. this particular storm did not drop enough water to affect the creek this time, but it did cool things off a bit. We were ready to cal it a day and just hang out in camp by the time the sun came out again. We have really great neighbors. The husband is an american and the wife is from Seoul Korea, She has been here for a number of years. Her parents are here visiting from Seoul. They don't speek any english but they are very nice. The Korean Grandmother needs a translator. However the first night they were here and Justin was playing his guitar and singing, she was listening to "God of Wonders" she could not understand the words we are told but at the end she said AMEN. It was kind of cool to witness that, especially when you don't know what her beliefs are. Last night they requested that Justin play and sing again. This time the older grandma was tapping her toes and enjoying her self, the daughter told us that her mom has gone to the Church of Life in Korea for a very long time. The husband has 2 teenage boys who were along on this trip and they were asking what the difference is between Christian and Mormon. The older boy (17) seems really receptive and wants to know more. They live in West Jordan, I think I am going to give them the info for our church. They seem to really want to get plugged into a youth program. I would ask you to pray for them that what ever seeds may have been planted would start to grow. Well we are going to head half way home today and then the rest of the way tomorrow we are going to explore and have fun along the way.


drivemybike said...

Stac, I'm really enjoying reading these updates! Thanks for sharing this stuff.

Fisher's said...

How cool that despite the circumstances christians were able to rally together and help a brother and sister in Christ out. And how cool that you were able to locate some of the local churches (hooray for Baptists) and be apart of it. What an incredible way to praise God in the midst of... well a storm! :)