Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Moab Pics

Here are just a few highlights from our trip. I took 200 pics and videos. I was surprised when I got home to realize I had taken so many. Below I put the pics in chronological order. Moab has the most awesome hiking I have ever seen. It is so cool to climb over huge boulders and hills it requires both your hands and your feet, it is not like you can just walk along a trail, You really have to work to get to the good spots.

Balanced Rock

Sand Dune Arch Justin and Elyssa racing to the climbing area

playing at sand dune arch before the rain

after the rain started and we ran back to the truck for shelter

Justin and Ashton on the Slickrock bike trail.... just follow the dotted line (practice loop)

Moab has virtually dissapeared from sight, this is just after exiting the sandflats rec. area and slickrock

here you can't even see all of moab due to the storm

this is the storm in moab that caused the flash flood below

Justin has really great footage of the flood, mine was taken with my digital camera and it is hard to see alot of suff. This photo was taken before all of the tents were either washed away or submerged.

the morning after the flood, these things had been pulled out of the mud the youth advisors were busy doing tons of laundry, each load had to be washed several times

The kids climbing and playing at Skyline Arch

Skyline arch

Devil's Garden area of Arches National Park Justin's actually stretched out over a large mud hole, and the kid were climbing a steep slot canyon that was full of sand he was keeping watch.

Pine tree arch

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Sooooo fun! Oh, I miss Utah seeing this pictures!