Thursday, May 28, 2009

How does your garden grow?

We have planted our largest garden ever this year. Usually we have tomatoes, and squash and a few other things. But this year we are really going outside of our box and planting a few things we have never done before.

First of all we have tia's strawberry patchThen we have tomatoes, Lots of tomatoes.... Mortgage Lifter Heirlooms, Roma, Beef Steak, Early Girl, Zapotec, and I can't remember the others. total we have 8 plants.

I also put in some onions these are "green onions" they really love the cooler weather and the water.

This year I decided I wanted to have eggplant all I could find was Japanese Long but that will do.

Our Zucchini already has blossoms on it. we have 3 total.
As do our bell peppers. In addition to bells we have planted....Cayenne, Giant Marconi, Anaheim, Jalapeno. Total we planted 10

Our Crook neck squash also have blossoms on them. we have 2 of these in the ground

Corn is new for us and we found a new type of sweet corn we wanted to try, they are Crimso sweet corn. We started these by seed about 3 weeks ago. They are by far the fastest growing thing we have. we have about 35 seeds inthe ground and I am looking forward to having the stalks for decorating in the fall, I am all about things that pull double duty.

This is our baby bear pumpkin and it also has blossoms on it.

My potatoes are growing like weeds....Justin needs to get another tire up there ASAP, and fill it with dirt.
We are also growing 2 types of cucumbers..... bush cukes and armenians (my faves)
also we are growing melons 1 cantaloupe, as of now it looks a bit sad, and then 3 plants that are some thing like a crenshaw melon.
So tell me how does your garden grow? I am really interested in finding out what everyone else out there is growing this year. So leave me a comment and let me know....


Fisher's said...

I'll Take pics of what has transpired in our Garden since my first post about it. We were able to harvest our first batch of Spinach! It was super nummy! I made a Cilanto Lime Vinagrette to pour over it! Richard and I are both excited over our garden and we even have neighbors poke fun at us for it being our new evening hangout!

Fisher's said...

btw--Congrats on all your blossoms! and the tire idea is awesome.

Jesse, Christa and Marshall said...

I'm getting my feet wet with three tomato plants this year.