Friday, May 22, 2009

bloggin' on the road part 2

The weather was really nice today we could see a storm in the distance and decided to try to keep clear of it as much as possible. We went into Arches National Park, it was partly cloudy, and the sun was playing peek-a-boo. We hiked around the Balanced Rock formation, and tried to catch some really big lizards. Fortunatley for all of us the lizards are really fast! Then we drove to the Sand Dune Arch trail head. The Hike was short about .2 miles. And boy was it a good thing it was short. We started our hike and were really excited about the change in the landscape. As we rounded the bend we discovered that we needed to walk through a narrow canyon, seriously it was no wider than I am. but it was alot of fun and then to our delight the trail turned into the softest most wonderful sand I have ever had the priveledge of putting my feet into. this sand was silky soft and very deep. Instantly we all decided to take off our shoes and walk the rest of the way in our bare feet (all except Justin). When we rounded the last bend we were rewarded with a really cool arch that had a natural sand box below it. There were families playing in the sand, and kids climbing the arch. Almost every one we saw had their shoes off as well. This my friends was just the beginning of the surprise we would encounter today. When we got to Sand Dune Arch it was very sunny and nice. But about 30 minutes in to our visit we felt little tiny rain drops start to sprinkle us. That was our cue to start heading back to the trail head. Well Can I tell you just how hard it is to hurry in the deep sand in bare feet.... Before we even got out of the little narrow canyon it had started to really pelt us. I was strugling to get the sand off of my feet so that I could put my shoes and socks back on but as the rain started coming harder and the sand started sticking to me I could not do anything but just sit there and struggle. It seriously took less than 30 seconds before I was completely drenched. I snuggled up to the rock wall as tight as I could just before Justin ran away from it and said that I was about to be hit with a water fall. Sure enough here it came and try as I might, I could not find anywhere to shelter. Finally I decided to forego the socks and I jammed my sandy wet feet into my running shoes and we took off. We ran and we laughed and when we got back to the truck we jumped in and took awhile to catch our breath. We were cold as could be. so we sat for a bit and tried to warm up. soon we were on the road back to our campsite. Now I am warm and dry and I am watching twilight with the kids. I am hoping that the weather will be nice tomorrow..... I will post pics of this days adventure tomorrow.

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