Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

Wow it was a really busy Mother's Day Weekend for us.
So many things to share I don't even know where to start. Maybe if I go in order starting with Friday night and move to Sunday I might keep it all straight. But I guess I still have to go further back to the beginning of the week.

Last week I found a door on it has 9 panes of glass in it and it is so nice. Justin put it in the very next day and told me that it was going to have to be my Mother's Day gift.... sneaky one that he is, I was completely happy with that. Here are the before and after pics....


This after pic is not great but the new door lets in so much light not evidenced by this photo.

I really love it, the difference is huge.

Friday night I helped host a Baby Shower for a friend that lives in Iowa, She was not here to celebrate with us but we had so much fun and we decided that it would be a Baby Shower in a Box. She would get to open all of the gifts that we wrapped durring the shower. Included were all sorts of babyshower things so she could enjoy those as well. We had a great menu, Miss Erin really did great. Corn flake chicken, Margarita fruit salad, pasta salad, french bread, bruschetta, sangria, and margaritas, and Iced Tea. I so wish I had gotten a photo of the table setting it was so cute. Erin made up some vases with flowers and they were absolutely beautiful. The only thing was that she bought these flowers they were green and they were called Bells of Ireland but not for long because the little beasts had thorns neatly concealed, beneath the flower bells, before long we were calling them hell's bells, because they really hurt when you touched them.

The offending flowers are those all the way to the right.

Saturday brought a whole other element of fun....

First I took my mom out to Caputo's Deli down town, we had so much fun just the two of us exploring the gourmet market. We sampled all the best new stuff. Balsamic vinegar so thick it was like syrup and very tasty. Olive oils, Fig vinegars, cheeses I can't even begin to name, chocolates that were way to pretty to eat but after the guy cut into them we were not going to refuse. We tried something new Choffey, it is the shell of the cacao bean used for chocolate and in orem they are grinding those up and using them as coffee.... I can't even tell you how good that was. It was like drinking a mocha, no coffee in it and it tasted like coffee and chocolate. Add some creamer and sugar and it was awesome! We ate lunch at Caputo's Deli, Delish!!! The funny part was watching Tony Caputo Himself walking around in the dining area with a broom and dustpan in hand.... What a guy!

After that I took my mom home and picked up the Family to go to the first ever Pinewood Derby at our church. Hah..... What a blast!!!!!! We had a really killer time.

Elyssa took home the trophy for Most Diva Category

She completely designed this car herself and I did the work. Justin helped by putting graphite on our wheels.

Ashton took home the award for Best Design.

Justin helped him get the right shape and then Ashton did the sanding and told us how he wanted it done. I did the painting and Justin helped finish it off.
We finished off our pinewood derby day by going to Mcdonald's for and ice cream cone. On the way home my little 'Lyssa pie said " This is such a great day! Sadly I have to retire it." My heart just squished a little.

Sunday came around with a very laid back air about it. I was glad about that after all it was Mother's Day. Before church Justin and the kids presented me with this star for the front of our house. I had been wanting one for a while....

After a great morning at church we went to Costco for lunch where we found a 1/2 flat of plants for our veggie garden. It was a great pack loaded with zucchini, crook neck squash, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, japanese long eggplant, cucumbers, baby bear pumpkins, crenshaw melons, and cantaloup melons. We came home and planted everything. We are almost done with all of our garden. Just a few more things to add.... Next we went to dinner at John and Marisa's for a bbq. It was really great. By the time I got my mom home and got settled in for the night I was exhausted. I really tried hard to get a bit of reading in, but my eyes refused to cooperate, and I ended up asleep before I knew it.
This has been a really great Mother's Day weekend. I enjoyed every second of it. I hope yours was just as grand.

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Jesse, Christa and Marshall said...

Love the door! I had a blast at your house on Friday. Too bad I had to leave early.