Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Chadders Review....

Well, ya'll, this is going to be my first ever restaraunt review!
Monday I had to take the kids to testing in American Fork, and we were in desperate need of some lunch before the 25 mile drive home.
West Valley City has a new burger joint called Chadders, we have not been there yet. So while in American Fork we were looking for a place to have lunch and we spotted a Chadders. We decided to chance it.
The very first thing that I noticed when we walked in was that more than half of the menu was missing, or so I thought! After standing there looking somewhat confused, I realized that the entire menu was indeed there. It was just a particularly small menu. I was greeted by a very friendly guy who tried to take my order. It took me a minute to try to figure out which of the 3 combo meals offered that I wanted.... Eventually I came to a point where I just had to pick one and get on with it. The kids meals were easy enough to choose from, 3 options there as well, burger, cheeseburger, or grilled cheese. Also on the menu were milkshakes, veggie burgers and fries, another 3 choices. I admit the fries were not my favorite. I have been raised on Mcdonald's from birth and fries are just one thing I don't mess around with, the only exception to this rule is real fries with skins and all..... The burger however was awesome. It was not something really special, however they offered to put raw onions or grilled onions on my burger. I went with the grilled and it made all the difference in the world. Otherwise it was just a plain old cheeseburger. Price wise I thought that $16.00 was a bit steep for a combo meal and 2 kids meals. But I am cheap and I prefer to spend $6.00 on the dollar menu at McDonalds. What I was really impressed by though was that they had fry sauce! It has become increasingly harder to get fry sauce in Utah. Some places still have it but most of the time you have to ask for mayo and ketchup packets to mix up your own. (you really don't want to get me started on the different varieties of this sauce either, we all have our favorites)
When we had eaten our lunch and left I had commented that I was not quite sure about that menu, they did not even have a chicken option.... In the end we decided that we really did like having fewer choices. The Menu ended up being a hit even if the prices were not. It seems it is alot easier to make a decision when you have fewer choices. Sometimes I wish we had fewer choices in alot of areas.

So on a five star scale I give it a 3.
The prices were high the food was not anything special although it was good and the fries were not great. But the menu was.

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Fisher's said...

My favorite part was that you were going to American Fork. OR A.F. is what we A.F.'ers like to refer to it as. Did you wave at my family when you drove through. Probably not, huh.

anyhow thanks for the review. I've passed the store a few times on my way to none other than Cafe Rio.! slppp!