Sunday, April 19, 2009

I think Spring may have finally sprung....

It finally feels like spring may be here and I am saying this while, I know it could very well snow in June.... It has been known to happen!

However having lived in Utah long enough, I know that we have to take every opportunity to get out doors and enjoy the good weather while it lasts. Soon it will be so swelteringly hot, we will be complaining once again...

Well back to spring, I thought I'd share some photos, Elyssa and I went to Wheeler Farm on Saturday and we had a really great time. The babies were out.... well some of them anyway. The lambs, baby goats, and calves were frolicking. I was also able to get some really great photos of Elyssa as well.

She is in love with this little fella' he was the very first friend she came upon, we were able to visit for a good 10 minutes before moving on.
We took some crackers to feed the ducks and geese. In the first pond there were a lot of geese and only one white duck. The geese kept gobbling up all of her crackers and she finally decided to move on but before we left, Elyssa chucked one last cracker way out into the pond toward the white duck and said, "There you go AFLAC!"
Wheeler Farm is a really great place to take photos, as evidenced by the families with photographers tagging along or the occasional bride in full wedding attire. The old feeling of the buildings lends itself well to photos. I love the brick and the texures and the old wooden doors and locks around every corner.
This guy was just showing off, typical....

This baby was so sweet and gentle and loved the attention he was getting from Elys. It was everything I could do to keep her from climbing into the enclosures.

The following photos are some of my favorite of Elyssa at the farm.
These little lambs were only 2 days old and they were so adorable....

This is a photo of the funniest little chicken I have ever seen. It is very fluffy and has blue markings. Because of this chicken I want to raise chickens. Justin won't let me.


Jesse, Christa and Marshall said...

Wheeler Farm was the place to be on Saturday. I couldn't believe how many people were there. All the girls in their wedding dresses looked beautiful but they were stressing me out; all that beautiful white material traipsing along the dirt covered in goose poop. I'm sure the pictures will be beautiful though.

Cute shots of Elyssa. She needs to learn from Marshall and her response about almost climbing in the enclosure with the cow should be "But he loves me."

Thanks again for dinner on Friday. We had so much fun and your kids (and Skye) were great with Marshall. Last night he was talking about petting the turtle. Next time it will be our treat and you can mooch off us and the guys can have a jam session.

Jenn Heatwole said...

Stacey...thanks again for your listening ear. You're such a sweet friend!

The photos were amazing. Elyssa is so beautiful and you were able to capture that. What wonderful memories.