Friday, June 26, 2009

We don't believe in the Tooth Fairy.....

Oh No, we believe in a more rediculous lie than that. We believe that once you put your tooth under your pillow, the weight from your head after you have slept on it all night long, will turn it into money. Due to the pressure that is put on it. Also this only works for baby teeth. Part of the reason that this is the story we went with is A) we did not want our children beginning to think that they were going to get money from a mythical being, that did not exsist. B) Elyssa was so afraid of a witch being in her room when she was little, She thought that there was a witch in the closet every night and I did not want to fuel her concerns, with a flying fairy who took her teeth.

Well there have been a few times when I have forgotten to change out the tooth for money. Mostly I am able to rectify the situation when they are up having breakfast and I run down with my money neatly concealed in a basket of laundry. I then swap out said tooth for the money, kid comes down finds his tooth is a late bloomer and all is well!!!

Lets just say that the last tooth Ashton lost never turned into money, after him sleeping on it for a week he determined it was a dud. (slacker mom) I thought that he had thrown it out. But no I was wrong. Last night Ashton lost a tooth and he put it under his pillow. Great plan.... since justin was working nights I thought that if I left him a note he would be able to come in at 5 am and swap out the tooth. Justin got home at 2:30am and got my note and decided to go down with $3. When he got there he was surprised by the presence of 2 envelopes with teeth in them. AHAH, Ashton had decided to try the dud one more time. So Justin came up again to tell me the story and to get more money.

Here is how our conversation went at 2:30 am .
Justin: Can I turn on the light?
Me : mmmmmhhhhhhmmmm (I don't talk much that early in the morning)
Justin: I think Ashton would be really surprised to find a $50 bill in place of his tooth! and so would I when he shows it to me!
Me: hahahahaha, think of all the legos he could buy with that.
Justin: That would be our gas money.
Me: hahahaha
Justin: I would have to knock out his remaining teeth just so I never had to pay up again...
Me: hahahaha, it's a good thing for both of you that you turned on the light! Thanks honey!
(Justin leaves room and then returns)
Justin: Ashton is not even in his bed!
Me: what do you mean?
Justin: I thought that he was in his bed because it looks like there is a body in it. There is a perfect form of pillows and blankets there, but when I went to pat his back it was all pillows. He is in Elyssa's bed.
Me: I am not surprised. destroy my note please...

So this morning when I went into do laundry I peeked in and Ashton was in his bed he must have moved.

He came up a little bit ago and told me he had gotten money for his tooth and for the old dud he tried again. cool!!! He was totally stoked.
I know he has legos on the brain.
So I am off to go get some shopping done while justin sleeps and let ashton go bask in the glory of old teeth turned to money...

Just so you know we have had endless questions about teeth from the kids.

Q: If the dog loses a tooth can I put it under my pillow?
A: No, you know as well as anybody that it has to be the person who lost the tooth sleeping on it for anything to happen.

Q: well how does the tooth know who is sleeping on it?
A: It has lived in that head for so long, you think it does not know what head it belongs to?

Q: Why didn't my tooth turn into anything?
A: Well apparently you moved around too much in your sleep. Try to keep your head on the pillow tonight.

These are just a few and if I wasn't blogging on the sly I am sure I could remember more...


Anonymous said...

And how do you know your computer savvy kids don't read your blog? That might change some things. :-)

Jesse, Christa and Marshall said...

Ha ha! Scott has a good point.