Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Need Retreat

Last weekend I was part of a leadership committee for a ladies retreat. We are home now and I have slept for 12 hours each night and I am not sure I am rested yet. We had so much fun, I am trying to catch up on my ZZZZZZZ's. Because apparently when 21 women get together we have this uncontrollable urge to talk til all hours of the morning. I think as leaders of the retreat we all survived on about 3-4 hours of sleep per night. Oh the fun we had though... It was so awesome to be able to forge new bonds and friendships with new people. I was so blessed to be able to serve my sisters. I was incharge of food. Yay! I got to thinking, I wonder when I will have to teach a workshop? And then I just thought, Lord that is not my area I don't think I can. I would probably pass out. And I realized God has given me my talent in the kitchen for a reason and hopefully I can just stay there. I really prefer to stay behind the scenes. God Knows who I am inside and out and he has a purpose for me. I am completely satisfied just being part of the leadership committee on this one and heading up the kitchen. God did some awesome things at this retreat, namely he made sure I knew what humility was. Just a brief story on that one.... As we were preparing lunch saturday afternoon I had a friend and sister in Christ keep asking for a serving utensil for the celery sticks. We had 6 women in the tiniest kitchen imaginable. I was opening drawers and looking for something suitable, six times I was asked what about a serving utensil for the celery sticks, finally I lost it and I snapped at her and said I was working on it. Not my bright shiniest moment I admit. I was overwhelemed but I did not respond in a manner I am proud of. My friend left and did not return for about an hour. Just in time to get her lunch before we cleaned up and went on to the next workshop. I wanted to appologize but I was thwarted. I was obligated to help out with the workshop set up and it had to be done discreetly so as not to give away what was coming up. I did not have a chance to appologize. So the workshop got under way, my sister I had offended was in the same workshop rotation that I was in. The workshop was on humility and exalting God as the highest power in our lives. I knew at the end of this particular workshop I was needed as a helper, and I started to struggle with God because I knew what was coming up. Here I was struggling and yet knowing everything I was learning in that exact moment was about being humble, so I let go and let God have my issues I let Him deal with me. What was planned was we were going to humble ourselves and wash our sisters feet.....I was to help set up the bins of water, and all the accoutrements. There were 4 chairs set up. I set the first bin of water infront of the first chair along with a wash cloth and a drying towel on each chair. I also set a bin of towels foot wash and foot cream for use nearby. then I went and set a second bin of water infront of the second chair. Both chair number 1 and 2 had been occupied by a washer and a washee. I then went and set bin number three in front of chair number three. went back for bin four and as I set it down chair three was occupied by a washer woman it was my sister that I had offended and she told me to sit down that she was going to wash my feet. I did not fight it. I obeyed. It was hard I... I... She was so gentle, she rolled up my pant legs and she washed my feet and then she applied foot cream and gave me a foot massage. I then was still in helper mode I remembered and I needed to get onit. so I emptied the bins and supplied fresh towels and seats were occupied and I caught my offended sister and told her that I was going to wash her feet. she told me no that it was her gift to me. I told her everyone gets a turn and made her sit so I could wash her feet. Now I am fine with washing the feet of my children, and I will massage my husbands feet clean socks or not it is a sacrifice I make for him. as I serve him. however I draw the line at immediate family only. I really thought that I was going to be grossed out. I know if God had not been in that room I would not have been able to do it. I want to tell you I was not in the least bit grossed out or disgusted. Sure it is fine to have the thought that I will be noble and I can wash feet as a servant and if Jesus gave us the example of washing each others feet who am I to shun that, but when it comes down to touching someone elses feet that is another matter entirely. I felt such a tenderness for the friend I was serving. Not disgust! And in that moment I was able to appologize but my friend said she did not remember me offending her. I still appologized. And I applied foot cream and massaged her feet.

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