Friday, June 19, 2009

we got a hummer

We got a hummer ya'll! Every evening and through out most of the day we try to catch a glimpse of the hummers that come to visit. We watch through the kitchen window. and we sit out on the deck for dinner and watch them come to feed on the nectar we provide. (homemade of course) right now they are still alittle shy, however before the summer is over they will be so familiar with us that we will be able to stand with our hands near the feeder and they will land on our fingers to perch while they drink. This little guy or gal above is coming in for a snack.

They hang around for about 30-40 seconds at a time. and they make a really cute chirping, chattering, clicking noise.

They do a dance in the back yard where they swoop up and down over and over again. it looks like they are swinging on a pendulum but higher and lower instead of side to side if that makes sense.OOOPs wrong kind of hummer! Actually I was trying to photograph my hummers and Justin came out to serrenade me ( OK he was trying out a new song). Any way he became enthralled wih the hummers. He really thinks they have a funny song.

This hummer is different he has a black head an a white collar and very irridescent green. This is the territorial one. He fends off any other hummers when he is around. we were quite interested in the thought that he was so territorial and we read that they will actually attack hawks to defend their area.
And I don'tcare how big you are, you see that beak coming at you at a very high speed you are going to retreat lest you find yourself skewered. That is what scares me about our hummers you can't just step out the back door you have to stop and look both ways before you step out. They have a habit of flying at my eye level.

As a matter of fact I almost took out 2 hummers yesterday. I was coming out the back door and it was like the hummers had guardian angels because for some unknown reason I paused just before stepping out and pushing the screen door wide open. in that split second before I pushed open the door 2 little hummers buzzed me they were chasing each other. (that's what they do)
I would have knocked both of them right off of their flight path and probably killed them. And once again I know this because they were within 5 inches of my eyeballs.

one really cool thing I have gained this year in studying the hummers is a better knowledge of my camera. I really love photography and want to learn more. And now I know what ISO does, not what it means, but what it does. I just need to get my camera to take more than one shot every 10 seconds. It is frustrating to not be able to click click click. I did turn off the review option after every photo and that has helped. I am going to read through that manual if it kills me!

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Erin Trimble said...

You are so funny, Sister! Are you surprised to hear from me? It's Saturday morning (7:52 to be exact) and I have been up since six! Yipes! So unlike your loves-to-sleep-in-every-chance-I-get friend... I even posted a blog! Wow! Had so much fun with you last night at Regina's Scentsy party, and at the BHFLU fund-raiser. Looking forward to tonight, too!