Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Adventures in Icecream

Justin has beeen working nights for the last couple of weeks, so he comes home and sleeps from 6 am till about 3 pm. It has been weird to have this kind of schedule it kind of throws us all off kilter. He sleeps during the day so I head over to my mom's, we have been working on a ton of our own projects but with each other's company. It has been really nice!

When Justin woke up yesterday, and checked his messages for the day he found that his work for the night had been cancelled. He was not very happy at the prospect of having to stay up half the night in order to go back to bed to wake up early enough in the day to get a chance to go back to bed to rest before doing his next night shift. (got that?) Justin also had worship team practice last night. Which he always enjoys.

I on the other hand got to stay home and have my best friend over for dinner. We had grilled teriyaki chicken and homemade ham fried rice, she brought over the best spinach salad ever and some light ice cream and brownie bites. We had some catching up to do. She had been at the national square dance convention in Long Beach, California over the last week, doing a trade show for Princess Charming. After dinner and talking we decided we were going to wait on the icecream and brownies, but then she had to get home. And she refused to take her brownies and icecream, to the delight of my children.

Well Justin got home around 9:30 pm and I had an idea brewing. What if we went on a spontaneous adventure? Sure it was nighttime and we were supposed to be getting ready for bed. But it is summer right? And so what if it was tuesday night and not friday! Soooo, I pulled justin aside and told him of my plan and he was game.
I then told the kids they needed to go get on a pair of jeans and a long sleeve shirt and to grab a hoodie then they needed to sit outside on the front step and wait for further instructions. While they were changing I was grabbing my jeans and hoodie as well. Then I secretly stuffed the icecream, brownie bites, 4 bowls, 4 spoons, icecream scoop, roll of paper towels, and a table cloth into a cooler. At this point the kids were totally clueless and completely out of their minds with curiosity. But I was not letting on to anything.
We jumped in the truck and away we went to Park City. It was a nice drive, and we got in some quality time together. When we got to Park City we drove around on main street looking for the perfect place for our late night dessert picnic. The kids still did not know what was in the cooler. We found this perfect place in the newer side of town I had never been there before. It was a commons area near a ton of shops and restaraunts, all closed up for the night. But it had a gas fire pit with a lot of park benches around it. and the edge of the fire pit was very wide and made of concrete for sitting. The fire was off but it was still warm and it was quite cozy. I unpacked our tablecloth and spread it out on the wide concrete rim of the fire pit. Then I pulled out the bowls and spoons. the kids knew what was up then. We enjoyed our Icecream and brownies, and sat talking and taking pictures for a while. It was a ton of fun and what we are now
calling an icecream adventure. Sometimes the best things in life happen spontaneously.
We got home about midnight and I was beat, time to hit the sack meanwhile justin went out and worked on repairing the vents in the roof of our travel trailer. He finally came in about 3 am.
Here are the 2 pics that actually capture the essence of our adventure.


Fisher's said...

Great Post! What a fun family adventure! You even had me waiting suspensfully on the edge of my seat wondering what your big plans were. I bet the kids had so much more fun because you kept it a secret and it made them anxious and excited. Something they will remember for a long time!

I know exactly where you are talking about. Richard and I spent new years eve in park city and on new years day we walked down main street and stopped by one of the fire pits to get warm for a bit.

Way to post a picture with a fun post.

Anonymous said...

You guys are a way cool family. :-)