Thursday, July 2, 2009

my fantastic produce pile

Today I went to the mexican markets to get my produce. Usually I go to the local farmers market to get my produce but this week I decided to go and get some items that are not yet available at the farmers market. Or things I can not get at the market because they are not grown in utah. My favorite mexican market is Rancho Markets, the people are very friendly and they have the very best weekly deals on produce. My least favorite is Tenochtitlan the people are rude and they act like white people have no business being in there, but they had great deals today.
So I spent a total of ........$22.66 (including tax)
Here is what I came home with:
Sugar 5 lbs $2.99
Mexican crema 1 lb $2.34
Bananas 3.6 lbs $1.00
Green onions 5 bunches $1.00
Tomatoes 6.8 lbs $2.24
Cucumbers 8 $1.00
Avocados 9 $2.97
Tomatillos 1.7lbs $1.68
Green chilies Anaheim 7.5 lbs $1.48
Red potatoes 3.9 lbs $1.00
Limes 2.4 lbs $0.80
Cherries 2.3 lbs $2.34

Approximate weight 28lbs. fruit and veggies
plus 5 lbs sugar and 1 lb mexican crema

Well I am off to make salsa and roast some green chilies. I am so glad it is raining outside and it has cooled off alot. It is very miserable to be outside standing over the bbq roasting peppers in the middle of July or August. Also nothing inspires me to cook more than having tons of fresh produce around.

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