Monday, July 27, 2009

A Little Photographer

It looks like we have a little photographer in our midst. Every time I turn around Elyssa is wanting me to take a peek at her latest shot. Here are a few that I really like. She even has a few posers... Check out this green leaf bug she caughtI call this one "I am not amused" This one really makes our aging dog look like a grannyPumpkins in the garden, I just love the contrast of colors here.I now know why they call them eggplants.....She got a photo of our first bell pepper, before we ate it for dinner. This is our short fat cucumber. The top of the corn stalk. She has never really played with her tea set but today she decided to have a tea party photo shoot. Just hangin' out.I'm sure this was a terrifying moment in the life of the this chicken but no animals were harmed during this photo shoot.
marraca monkeyPoker party!!!!This totally cracked me up....


charmedwishes said...

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Fisher's said...

I am really coveting your pumpkins... and not in a good way. Seriously I'm jealous you have pumpkins and mine are still deciding whether to flower or not! argghhhh! But at the same time I am happy for you!

Tell Elyssa her pics are just adorable! she's very creative I might add.