Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Update

Well I have been told I need to post a Thanksgiving update..... You all are right!!!
We had a really great First Thanksgiving. After the Frozen Turkey Fiasco everything worked out really well. The turkey was a little dry, but not too bad. The atmosphere was awesome there was not one single drunken brawl, not even a mild argument in the house.

Every one brought their own brand of delish to the dinner.
My mom made, Sweet potatoe pies and ranch mashed potatoes they were soooo good.

Miss Cheva brought her famous Bread rolls they just melt in your mouth and they were the big hit during dinner, she also made my favorite green bean casserole, we can't forget her homemade strawberry jam, and everyones favorite deviled eggs.

Marisa brought the best desserts ever..... Carmel apple cheese cake with toffee bits, White Chocolate pumpkin cheese cake, a pumpkin pie and a carmel pecan apple pie. Her yams were really great also.

Oh and Justin made the White Punch:
2 containers frozen pineapple juice ( prepared as directed on can)
2 bottles sprite
1 container of peach sherbet
Mixed together well. ( this punch is yellow not white I don't know why they call it white punch)

We had a really good time and I felt sooo blessed to have every one in my home for this special day of giving thanks.

Miss Abi is in this photo and as you can see she does not have any signs of the Chicken Pox but I was sitting in the spot right next to her, for the whole afternoon. The next day she came over to let me me have a looksee and she was definitely covered in the Chicken Pox. Poor Girl is just miserable today, she even has them in her mouth..... My kids were immunized against the chicken pox when they were born but not since then and the vaccine only lasts 7 years. If I count it right about the time our 14th anniversary rolls around the kids will be breaking out with the pox if they are going to get it. BGAWK.... BGAWK..... BGAWK..... BGAWK

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Jesse, Christa and Marshall said...

It looks like everything was lovely. Gotta love family get togethers with all the spreading of love and illness. Marshall got sick this weekend and I'm sure is was something he picked up on Thanksgiving. That's why we weren't at church on Sunday, nothing fun like a chili contest.