Thursday, November 27, 2008

Avoiding disaster?

Well it is Thanksgiving Day, and I am blogging for therapy.

This year I get to host my very first Thanksgiving Dinner in almost 14 yrs. of marriage. I am so excited I can barely contain myself. Many of you know I am seasoned in the kitchen. Not much throws me, I know how to deal with just about every kind of kitchen disaster and fix it without freaking out too much.

On monday I decided I better make sure that I had every thing that I needed. Plates, cups etc...
Well upon counting my 2 sets of every day dishes I came up with a total of 10 dinner plates. Pretty good if you are only having 10 people over...... We are having about 12 adults and 4 children so this clearly is not going to work. So I rush on down to the nearest walmart and buy myself 12 openstock clear glass plates. Disaster averted right..... Next come the glasses, I counted these at the same time as the plates. and came up with the fact that I only have McDonalds/ Disney Land Commemorative glasses and not nearly enough of them any way so I now also need glasses. I opted for a case of 12 wine party glasses from the party store. Yea disaster averted again right....
Now in my mental inventory I am taking stock of tablecloths. No, I do not have even one that is not a plastic disposable one, that isn't in a color fit for a mexican fiesta. Do you have any idea how expensive a table cloth can be? Frankly they are outrageous. I finally found 2 vinyl table cloths that will do, not my first choice but.....

Now as far as food goes I know what I am doing I am not bragging just stating the facts.
1. I have catered events for upwards of 200 people.
2. I have done international luncheons with so many different dishes it was mind boggling.
3. the Kitchen is where I am most comfortable.

AS far as the menu goes I decided that I could not do it all by myself this year, financially, time wise etc... So I am having the rest of the family bring side dishes and I am concentrating on a few main things. Turkey, Gravy, Stuffing, Appetizers and Beverages.
Easy peasy melon squeezy right.....

So I have this brilliant idea, I am going to buy a fresh turkey to avoid having to thaw it for days on end. Unlike those people I saw at Harmon's yesterday at 3pm buying a frozen solid turkey. I am being proactive in avoiding Thanksgiving disasters. I bought my fresh turkey on saturday of last week fresh not frozen and I put it in the fridge out in the shed. Great turkey is just hanging out in the fridge, waiting until I decide to pull it out and cook it up. I am so calm, not nervous in the least bit, I got all of my appetizers done last night.

Just for reference I made dates stuffed with blue cheese and wrapped in bacon, Stuffed mushrooms, Mini Quiches (frozen store bought) and mini deli spirals (frozen store bought).

Now fast forward to 6 am this morning.
It is dark and cold outside and it is raining. I had to go outside to the fridge in the shed to get my fresh turkey... I didn't want to go out there. My dog even refused to go out. I get to the fridge and open it up to find my turkey almost frozen solid. What!!!!!! Frozen????? Are you kidding me????? well as we speak my turkey is sitting in a tub of hot water thawing. I am just hoping that it is not frozen all the way to the core. I have to have dinner on the table at 1 p.m. today. That means that no later than 7:45 a.m. My turkey needs to be in the roaster oven. I guess that is what I get for making fun of those people who bought frozen turkeys last night and are standing there with their blow dryer stuck up the back end of their turkey.

Well I am off to get my turkey a roasting. I have less than 10 minutes to get it in.....
I will update later if anything interesting comes up.
Please, Lord......


Hey Rachie Kae said...

Uh. Isn’t the challenge of pulling it all off exhilarating?! I think you are like me and live for that stuff! I wish I could have stopped by your feast for a nibble! I bet it was delicious!

Jill said...

Stacey, How did your Thanksgiving Turkey end up. I bet it was DELISH! You need to post a Thanksgiving Part II. I hope this doesn't hurt your feelings but I couldn't help but laugh hysterically when I pictured you in your slippers and bathrobe going out to the shed to get your turkey! With experience comes perfection... right; maybe not when the weather isn't in your favor. Why couldn't it have been in the 50's last week. Way to host Thanksgiving at your house.