Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's a Christmas Miracle....

I know Christmas miracles exist, it has just been a very long time since I have seen one up close and personal!
Let me tell you about it.
Today while shopping with my mother we found a really great deal on a family size waffle maker. I wanted it really badly, but the very sad truth of the matter is that I can not make a waffle to save my life. I had a really nice waffle iron when we got married but every time I tried to use it, we ended up going out for breakfast. I got rid of that waffle iron after a few breakfast fiascos. I was envious of my little brother who has never had any issue when he made waffles.

Well this waffle iron we looked at was really nice and my mom wanted to buy it for me. She was insisting and I finally talked her out of it. I don't think it is a good idea to have something you can not even use. We finally made a deal. She would buy the waffle iron for herself and give me her older $5 Black Friday special, with the stipulation that if I wanted to use the big one I would borrow it. Great idea.... now I just needed to learn how to make a waffle that was edible, one that actually came out of the waffle iron in one piece.
So now what to make for dinner tonight? hmmmm? Maybe I will try my hand at waffles I thought to myself.
Ok now I am geared up to make waffles and I make sure that I have mac and cheese on hand as a back up.
I got out the box of pancake /waffle mix. And followed all of the directions for waffles. I remembered all of my mother's directions for using the waffle iron.
1. wait for the light to turn on before filling the iron with batter.
2. close the lid and latch it.
3. wait for the light to come back on before opening the lid again.
4. oh and don't forget to spray the waffle iron with cooking spray first.

Well as it turned out I still did not have all of the instruction that I needed because I was still unsure if I had everything right. Luckily I had Elyssa to help me with the rest.
She told me that every thing I was doing looked right so far and that at the hotale (this is how she says hotel) at Disney Land it looked exactly like this when grandpa helped her make waffles. the next thing she said when I asked how much batter to put in was "the amount that a dixie cup holds." Oh good now we are getting some where. I just need to know if it is the small 3 oz. dixie cup or the larger 5 oz. dixie cup. we settled on trying the 3 oz. first and I got a good size for a small child then we tried the 5oz. it was a perfect fit.
I can't tell you how proud I was of that very first waffle. I had to ask Elyssa if it was crisp enough or not and she said it was perfect.
It truly is a Christmas miracle. I can make a waffle!!!!

Aunt Jemima, Betty Crocker here I come. I am going to be making waffles morning, noon, and night. I have been waiting 14 years to be able to do this and now I have some catching up to do! No more Eggo waffles for this family.


Hey Rachie Kae said...

Your too funny! You have encouraged me to pick up a waffle iron and give it a shot!

Jesse, Christa and Marshall said...

Praise Jesus for Christmas Miracles! As much as a Dixie cup holds. Elyssa is too cute!