Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Beloved Protector

My Beloved protector takes his resposibility very seriously......
A few nights ago while the kids and I were frosting sugar cookies, there came a very loud knock at the door. Elyssa decided that she would be the one to open the door. Mind you it is late about 9ish. I told her to ask,"who is it?" She did and there was no answer, she asked again still no answer. I immediately got up and went to the door and asked,"who is it?" Still no answer so I peeked out the window. No one was there so I felt it was safe to open the door. As I looked out I saw a small package on the door step. There were also 2 papers attached to the package that I am now realizing is piping hot. As I turn around to go back up the stairs. I see Justin standing there with a gun drawn and pointing it out the door just above my head, taking a very police officer stance. I have to say I started laughing really hard. I almost dropped that hot package. The papers attached said we had just been "ELFED" and that elfing should ensue all around us once we took part in elfing someone else. But the best part of elfing someone was that you got to hide and watch as the poor elfed person opened their door. I really feel bad for those poor elves. Justin probably scared the elfing spirit right out of them. We probably will never be elfed again due to the violent nature of my gun toting husband.....my beloved protector. By the way the package contained brownies that were still extremely hot, I am guessing they came right out of the oven and landed on my door step. I am supposed to go elf somebody else, I was supposed to elf them within 24 hours by the light of the moon. I admit I probably broke the elfing cycle but I think as long as I do it before Christmas it will all work out just fine. I was also supposed to hang one of the elfing papers in my window saying I had been elfed. Does any one really want to admit they have been elfed? well if I don't elf someone else the kids will never leave me alone about it. The problem is I think Elfing is a highly Mormon cultural thing so there may not be anyone left in the valley that has not been elfed by the time I get around to it. I may have to go to another neighborhood or even maybe to Kearns. I might find out if I can virtually elf someone via email. However it won't be as sweet a treat. . . Maybe I will double elf someone ha ha some one that has posted they have already been elfed.
so if you are out there elfing people I wish you Happy Elfing. A word of warning Elfing Can be dangerous work. Use every precaution and don't hang around to see the elfed one open the door.


Jill said...

I'm dying of laughter for two reasons. 1- I love the coment about scaring the elfing spirit right out of them. and 2- Richard would have been standing there with a gun as well. Don't you love your manly man! I sure do. We made a good choice, Stace.

Loves to the Christensen Family.

Regina said...

That was sooo funny!! I am surprised that you didn't scream when you saw him standing there. I would have!
Merry Christmas!!
Love Ya