Monday, December 8, 2008

penguin joy / closet desk

Ok just a quick post to let you all see the latest in happiness and joy for me!!!!!!!!
Last year I was determined that I was going to have a penguin Christmas tree this year. However after the move and our new budget kicked in, it was virtually impossible to get my penguin tree. Well my dear friend Miss Connie found out I wanted a penguin tree. And she made me open her gift early..... inside I found the cutest little penguins. 4 of them to be exact and they just made my heart sing! I really love these little guys..... they change colors too!

Ok now for my desk!!!!!

Justin finally made my desk in the school room closet, I am just thrilled about this. I now have a full length desk to work on. Right now it is a little crowded until he is able to put up a shelf above my computer monitor, it will be for the printer..... Yea!!!! and then he is going to build a few extra shelves for me above that so I can store all of my scrapbook stuff..... But I am just pleased as punch right now.

for some reason I am not aware of the photos make the desk look alot smaller than it actually is.

look this is where I blog from.....


Regina said...

Very cute penguins. I love them!!

Hey Rachie Kae said...

Super cute! What a fun idea. We were too tight this year to change our tree too. Dont you hate that. lol