Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's a Fetish I'm Sure

So I just happened upon a new blog that I find really is Anokaberry ...thats right and you can find a link on my list of blogs.
It is so cool, there are literally thousands of books listed and reviewed and the cool part is they are kids books. Yes, I said kids books, I always know what I want to read, but I have a hard time finding a book that the kids will enjoy. Since I don't generally solicit this type of info from my friends. I could really use this great site. I felt just utter joy as I came upon it.

Being a book worm I get a warm and fuzzy feeling all over when ever I see books or walk into the library or the bookstore. I could spend hours upon hours inside Borders. Just looking at the covers and caressing the books. The other thing is that I am not picky if the books are used either! It is one of my most delightful ,fetishes.... Reading. I have an odd collection of book marks as well. They are very colorful. It just so happens that I decided I wanted to use paint chips from the paint department at my local hardware store. Now every time we go into the store the kids go and grab the colors that strike their fancy and then when we get home we deposite them into the box with all of the other paint chips of various colors and sizes. Now here is the really weird part. I am very careful to coordinate my paint chip book mark with the cover of the book.

It must be a Fetish! A very color-coordinated fetish if I do say so myself.....

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