Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bring me back some mouse ears......

So my kids left for Disney Land today. They were up bright and early at 6:15 this morning!!!! They were so excited they could hardly contain themselves. You would think this was their first time. Actually this is number 4. I am very excited for them. I have never been there. The flight that they were originally to leave on was canceled, but they all made it on the next flight. Justin really wants to take a family vacation there simply because I have never been. Really it is enough for me to know that my kids have had a chance to go and experience this. I am really glad that they get to go and make special memories with grandma and grandpa. Ashton and Elyssa were both just as excited to stay in a hotel and go swimming in the hotel pool. Elyssa learned to swim in a hotel pool on one of these trips to Disney Land, Grandpa taught her.

So this leaves me with alot of free time on my hands. HMMMM, What to do? As I write this blog I am at my mom's going to have breakfast with her. Then maybe go to the library and pick out some books and movies and lastly just veg out. Justin picked this week to work long days ;0(
hopefully I will get a chance to go to IKEA or to Tai Pan Trading. Maybe I will paint my toenails.
Who knows I might even go to Starbucks and have a Carmel Macciato :0)

Mostly I think I will just enjoy some MOMMY time......

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Erin Trimble said...

So fun for the kiddos, Stacey. We will have to visit this week, especially since Justin is working long days. Bummer! I will call you!

Loves, E