Sunday, November 7, 2010

September photos of the month

Well my computer had technical difficulties and that is all I am going to say about that. Anyway all of my photos were on that computer, so I was not able to put up a September Photos of the Month Post.  I am happy to announce that my regular computer is up and running again thanks to my wonderful husband.  So with out further adieu, 


I signed up to participate in an Apron swap, It was my first time ever and I was really excited because the theme was Alice in Wonderland. Let's just say things did not go according to plan and I was not able to participate. The sign up was right before Abi's accident. Anyhow the hostess of the swap contacted me after seeing my post about Abi and told me that she had people who had volunteered to be an Angel and create my apron and send it to my partner for me. It was an incredible blessing and a wonderful surprise when I got a package in the mail a few weeks later with my apron and goodies in it.  In the box was a copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, a set of heart shaped measuring spoons, a mad hatter necklace, Alice and the rabbit paper dolls, and some hand made note cards. Along with a gorgeous apron as well. 

My husband organized a campfire worship and we had a good turn out. We set up a campfire pit behind the church, put out a few tables with some lemonade. Everyone brought treats and snacks as well as hot dogs to roast and we all had a great time singing around the campfire. 
 Cheva, Nate, Scott, Danjuma, Justin

 Abi, Jolene

My good friend had her baby shower after her twins were born. I had picked up this vinyl wall stickers for part of her gift. It brought me to tears to see that she put it on the crib.

My kids have been loving the game cuponk, only we are too frugal ok cheap to purchase the real thing. So we made up our own. Only ours consisted of a 44oz. drink cup, and 6 ping pong balls. We have enjoyed it so much that we decided to make some for birthday gifts. We decided that we could not use a drink refill cup from the gas station because that would be a bit tacky. So we went to the store and scoured the aisles for something suitable. We came up with this box, which just happens to have a convenient locking lid, about $3. and 6 ping pong balls, about $5. In total the game costs about $8 to make and saves about $7 off the retail price of the Cuponk. 

We made up our own trick cards and included them in the box. 

  Well I guess that about wraps up September!

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