Sunday, November 7, 2010

October Photos of the month

Look at me trying to get all caught up!

Is the month of tricks or treats..... hence my first story!
My husband was trying to light the bbq for me. It was Sunday, October 31st. I kept telling him to get his face out of the bbq away from the grill. He just gave me that, "I'm a man I know what I am doing" look.  Well suffice it to say a fire ball came straight out of that bbq right into his face. We both jumped back, and I admit I  screamed like a girl. He got singed everywhere, his eye lashes and brows, arms, beard, mustachio, hair, behind his ears. And it smelled horrid. I laughed until I cried. Ok, after I made sure he was alright, I laughed until I almost wet myself...

 The kids decided they wanted to be gnomes for halloween, here they are posing as grumpy gnomes. 

Our good friends Christa and Jesse brought their kids to a get together we went to and they brought the twins as Thing 1 and Thing 2, little marshal was the cutest cowboy but some how I failed to get his picture. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Christa was not even the tiniest bit afraid to spray the babies' hairs blue. 

 Seems like the only time Justin and I get a picture together is if we are going out on a date night. Which are far and few between!

Our Pumpkin Carving Party, end result. Fun was had by all and JJ brought his famous homemade chocolate chip cookies. They were YUMMY!

 I had to have a hat for a Madd Hatter tea party, it was our version of a ladies night out combined with a halloween party.  This is the hat I made out of a Winco paper bag, and scraps that I had lying around. 

Julianna wore this hat to the tea party. Her sister wore it while skating in the opening ceremonies of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. It was a hit and got passed around a lot. 

Some people are going to think I am going to hell after this next picture.... yes I dyed my daughter's hair blue because she wanted it done and because it is just hair.  I even put a little bit of blue in my own hair. 

 I painted a butterfly on my face again this year for halloween. It kinda matches the blue in my hair too. 

That is it for October! See the post below for September. 
I have also taken a ton of photos for November already so I will be getting all my ducks in a row for that post at the end of the month. I want to do a post on the baby shower I just hosted for my friend Mandy as well. and put up the recipe for caramel apples. 

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