Thursday, November 4, 2010

a foodie contest count me in!

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I would like to give this contest a try so here goes! I could use a little bit of adventure !!!!

I just need to answer a few important questions first.

  1. Q.Why do you want to compete in this challenge? 
  2. A. Adventure in the kitchen, it sounds like so much fun. 

  3. Q.Limitations of time/space notwithstanding, whose kitchen would you like to spend the day in & why? Julia Child, Thomas Keller, Ferran Adria, James Beard, Marie-Antoine Careme, or The Swedish Chef?
  4. A. Oooh tough decision....Julia Child, I used to sit and watch her on television as a kid before there was anything like food network. Saturday afternoons I would be glued to the television waiting to see exactly what creation she would come up with. 

  5. Q. What morsel are you most likely to swipe from family & friends’ plates when they aren’t looking? 
  6. A. anything with cheese on it. 

  7. Q. Sum your childhood up in one meal.
  8. A. Enchiladas, fresh homemade beans and tortillas, Spanish rice.

  9. Q. The one mainstream food you can’t stand? 
  10. A. Mayonaise

Wish me luck I am super excited to enter this contest. I will keep you posted as to the results. For more info on the contest click on the Iron Foodie badge above.

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We are the Guerra's! said...

Ooh, sounds like fun! I would have totally loved to sit in on Julia's kitchen too. We didn't have cable growing up so I spent most of my time watching everything on PBS and I loved all of the cooking shows, especially hers. I love reading about the kind of woman she was too...quite the character! I hope you win!