Friday, August 6, 2010

July Photos of the Month


July came in with a bang! These first 4 photos are at a friends house for the Fouth of July celebration.
We had a blast!!! Thanks Jon and Meg! 
 Justin playing guitar
 I can't decide which of these 2 are my favorite

This next one is at This is the Place Heritage Park. Elyssa is doing a Little House on the Prairie curriculum this year and she needed some reference on pioneer life. 

Abi's Accident was on July 18th. I mean Trauma Dragon's accident. 

Sometime during the first week of exhaustion silliness ensued. 

This was taken when they moved Abi out of SICU  and into IMCU.

Our first harvest after the spinach and lettuce were done. 2 zucchini, 1 white patty pan squash, 1 green onion.

This is that same green onion. It was a monster.

Abi and I holding hands in IMCU. 

The next photos were taken at Yuba Lake. 

Justin taking pity on me and painting my last 3 toes.

This scorpion wandered right into our camp.  We were in a group area and camped on the blacktop. There was a lantern on the ground as we sat around talking before bed.  This guy was attracted to the light. I am ok knowing that there are scorpions out there and that they come out at night. I just stay on the path or at camp. But to have one wander over into my personal space, puts a whole new spin on things.  

We had to share our beach with the cows. They only wandered through occasionally though. It was funny to see them on the sandy beaches.  

More pictures from the hospital. This was after they moved Abi to the Surgical Orthopedic Trauma floor.

My baby brother and sister they are the youngest of the 6 of us. 

Josh and Abi

This is what Abi thinks about this whole mess! Since this picture was taken she has not been this alert or chipper. She sleeps a lot and is exhausted. 
Thanks for stopping by! 


Rachael said...

Oh, that made me cry!!! I love how close you all are. Your love for another is so clear. These photos totally catch that.

Justin painted your toes??? WOW, I cant get Keith to even try! lol


Beth said...

I hope that Abi have a great speedy recovery! That scorpian looks REALLY scary! I would of freaked out!