Wednesday, August 4, 2010

resting up.....kinda

Last weekend I was pretty much forced by my husband to go to his family reunion. I am so glad I went it was a much needed rest and change of scenery. I knew I needed the rest but it is hard to leave when you are in the midst of the situation. My husband is extremely sensitive to my needs and has taken excellent care of me. I know it is hard on him to have to hold down the fort while working a full time job and also taking the kids to and fro.  I know we needed to have time to reconnect as a family and my kids needed me desperately to bring some normalcy back to their little world.

 We have not missed a family reunion in 17 years.  Although I enjoy it I also know it is a lot of work to be able pack up everything needed. I usually make the menu and shop for the food and do elaborate meals. This year I was not able to do that and part of my hesitation in going was the work involved. I absolutely did not have it in me to do any packing or food prep. My husband was very sensitive to my needs and abilities.  He bought hot dogs and we decided that we would just go with that for the weekend. Justin's dad decided to make breakfast casseroles and pre-made some biscuits and gravy. We had a microwave to warm up our breakfasts and it was an awesome idea.  I was able to take the kids shopping the night before to pick out some snacks, that was very helpful.  The hardest part was getting my clothes washed and getting them packed. Admittedly, I did not pack my clothes until an hour before we left.  However the only thing that I forgot at home were some hair clips, which was easily remedied by sending some one into town to pick some up.

I feel so fortunate and grateful for all of the love and support poured out on us by Justin's family both near and far and all of those at the reunion.

The trip was a great success and I was able to rest and and get a grip on my emotions and stress level. It was really nice to swim in the lake and I loved sitting on the sandy beaches. I have photos to post as well but it will have to wait as I am not home but, at the hospital right now and I don't have access to them.  I will also have to play catch up and do my photos of the month post. I am 3 days behind with that.  oh well....

I stayed the night with abi last night and I am feeling very optimistic about her recovery, she is coming along so fast.
I know this post is a bit discombobulated but it is what it is.
Well that is it for now I will post more later.


Charlotte said...

We are so glad you came also! Hopefully it was enough of a break that it let you recharge a bit to get through the next few weeks. Just make sure that you are taking care of yourself at the same time as Abi!

Little Messy Missy said...

Glad she is starting to heal and glad you had some downtime.

Mumsey said...

Sometimes the breaks are placed there for you to recharge and it seems that is exactly what it did.
Life will go on and when you look back you will see how good it was to come away then go back to Abi and see the new improvements

Beth said...

Glad that Abi is having a speedy recovery! And happy that the reunion went well. My husbund is sensitive too! I think most husbunds are!

buckeyebaby1229 said...

So glad Abi is healing well. She is lucky to have you on her side. I'm still saying prayers for her and wish you both well.