Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just kickin' back.....

                          But only for a second so I can post some random stuff as I wait on the laundry.

The first picture is me kickin' back! This was on a day I had just returned from the hospital from visiting Abi and giving her a shower. I fell onto my bed in exhaustion and wanted to look at my photos on my camera. The result, me with my feet up on my headboard!

I took this photo of the sunflowers growing up above the corn Justin planted. Some of the flowers are now spent and the finches and sparrows have been picking at them. 

All the time I spent at the hospital, resulted in my garden getting away from me!
Elyssa is in front of the patty pan squash, but to the left those are tomatoes and also behind the squash as well. They really are nearly 6 ft. tall. 

This is my most favorite plant. I planted 4 Armenian cucumbers aka snake melons. I love them chilled in the fridge with some homemade dill dip. Or in a salad. I eat these everyday! Ashton calls this bush the foliage rocket, because I have it growing on a trellis I made of old branches in the shape of a pyramid.  I picked 6 of these last night and they are all huge!

Last weekend we were going to take the kids to the lake before summer is officially over but the weather was going to be cooler than expected so we bagged the idea and decided to go hiking instead. We packed a lunch and headed up to Doughnut Falls. It was a really great day for hiking.  On the way we stopped at this bridge to get some photos. Justin was setting up the timer on the camera, I think this is a test shot.  

This is the waterfall, from the outside. See how the water goes through the doughnut hole?

This is from the inside!

 After our hike we stopped to have lunch. And this guy provided the lunch time entertainment.
He really liked Ashton's BBQ potato chips and Elyssa's Banana chips. Oh! and Justin's Mt. Dew, only Justin refused to share that. 
This was so random but I needed some therapy!!! LOL!  
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