Monday, August 22, 2011

Hand Delivered

A few weeks ago I heard a knock at the door.
 It was in the evening, and I was not expecting anyone. 
As I opened the door there was a woman standing there with a package. 
It was a very pretty box tied with a ribbon. 
She asked if I was Stacey and I replied yes. 
Then she told me that she was hand delivering my apron swap package from her mom. 
I was shocked but excited too!
When I finally opened the box, 
I went through all of the goodies and then opened my apron, saving the best for last.

Here is the beautiful Apron that Susan made for me. 
The theme was cocktails. 
I think this pretty much fits the theme.
 And it is so colorful and bright. 

I know this is the apron that is going to get me through the winter blah's...
It is so summery and cheerful. 
And now I am really wanting to do some baking, in this apron.  

These are the goodies that were tucked into the package. 
Crystal light Margarita flavor (really tastes like a real margarita too),
2 margarita glasses, a cute little coin purse that matches my purse, 
2 dish towels (there is nothing like having fresh new dishtowels in the kitchen), an adorable little pink flashlight with flowers, and a few drink recipes. 

Susan did and Awesome job of putting my apron package together.
 I love every last bit of it. 
And my apron is AWESOME! 
Thank you Susan!!! 
You can check out her blog at this address

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Shabbby and Frills said...

I am thrilled beyond belief that you so happy with your apron. It warms mt heart to do for others Enjoy ! Keep in touch.