Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Christensen Family Reunion 2011

This year we went to Palisade State Park,
 for the annual Christensen Family Reunion. 

Palisade Lake is a very small lake, 
but the natural beauty draws me in every time. 
This is the first place that my husband and I went camping when we first started dating. 
This is where I fell in love with the idea of camping. 
This is my favorite campground of all time!

Sadly although it was the family reunion,
 I did not get photos of many people.
But I did get lots of photos of the great outdoors. 
You can walk all the way around the lake. 

This lake is where I first realized that my baby girl was going to be a nature lover. 
She was 3 years old and she stood on the beach with a net and caught minnows for hours on end. 
She is the child who I had a very hard time trying to entertain and keep happy. 
And the minute she saw the thousands and thousands of minnows she was hooked.  
Well see for yourself, she is still at it. And the tradition continues every year.

My nephew Micah, and Grandpa. 

Elyssa and Dixie sitting in a tree. 

Blue dragonflies were everywhere! 
And apparently trying to make more...

This is the first photo I took when we arrived.  
Such a cutie for bug!
He was the brightest green grasshopper I have ever seen. 

I was very fortunate to get this shot just before we headed for home. 
We were walking the Lake Shore Trail, and he stopped for a quick photo shoot. 

Elyssa has a good eye for things in the water. 
She spotted this little water snake. 
Justin reached down and snagged it for a quick look. 
I was super impressed how he grabbed it so quickly, in one swipe, with his bare hands. 
I have better photos but I am going to spare the folks who have a phobia.  (no close-ups here)

Daddy trying to get some minnow fishing time in. 
Ashton was absent from this trip.  
It is the first trip he has missed.
 He was at youth camp in Idaho. 
They went river rafting. 
It was very strange not to have him with us.
But we all had many stories to share when he returned home.  


Charlotte said...

You got some really good pictures! I always like Palisade too. I was bummed we didn't get to go swimming at all this year. Hopefully we will get the chance to see each other before next year's reunion!

Fisher Family said...

thank you for sparing me the snake pics. serious phobia of mine. i almost stopped scrolling in fear of the next picture. So call it a divine intervention from one sister to another.

You have an amazing camera and an amazing ability to take fantastic pictures.

Savannah was sure happy to have seen your family while we were in Utah. She had a great time at the softball games.