Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Favorite January Photos

I decided I wanted to have a month in review on my blog but I will only be using photos that are my favorites or that evoke a strong emotion in myself. And they have to be photos that I take.
So here we go, January!

Homemade chicken noodle soup, including homemade noodles. I made this while the kids were skiing and we had it for dinner that night.

Homemade Vanilla
I make this with Vodka and Vanilla Beans. The first day it was clear, this is after 1 week, in a dark cupboard.
We went to the zoo, at the end I looked up and saw this nest. I really like birds and their nests.

This fellow was at the zoo. He was on the ground and I just couldn't resist the temptation to take his picture.
Ashton after we walked into the Madagascar exhibit. His glasses are all fogged up.This rooster had such vibrant colors. He was wandering around posing for pics.

Moss in the middle of winter here in Utah.... It was also at the zoo, near the playground. I love moss!!!
The kids skiing for the first time this year. They went to Alta Ski Resort, and had a blast!
Elyssa is in the background in her pink ski pants, coming down the mountain.

My honey, getting ready for worship at church. He was setting up, somewhat irritated that I was taking photos.Nick Sanborn and his brother came to lunch one Sunday afternoon to hang with the kids. These two were eating salad, and by salad I mean croutons with ranch dressing. They had seconds and thirds, but they really enjoyed themselves!

Here we are sledding. Justin has his hat turned backward so he can go faster, Ashton is laughing at his logic. My sweet, fiery, little girl, and her big teeth. When she was very little she used to tell us all the time that she wanted big teeth like her friend/babysitter ( C.H.) at church and she hoped one day they would be as big as daddy's. I tried so many times to tell her they really weren't that big to everyone else. But she loved the big, beautiful,white teeth. I think she is well on her way to her own set.


Kat said...

great shots. :)

zhaun said...

ooooh wow. i think id like to take a sip out of that vodka+ vanilla while its potent.hahahhaa. kind alike absolut vanilla im guessing....

plus that looks like a very yummy, chunky soup....wooohooo

melissa sews said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful month! That homemade chicken noodle soup looks divine. I've been wanting to make my own noodles for a while now. I seriously need to give it a try after seeing yours looking so yummy! :) Melissa