Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Review of 2009

So much happened in 2009.
I don't quite know if I will remember it all but I am going to try!
1. January, Justin took over as worship leader for our church.
2. January 10th, Chris and Natalie got married and I was honored to have been able to help with the decorating!
3. February, we had our first ladies night out slumber party, at the church.
4. March, we went to see Jeremy Riddle in concert. John and Marisa, and JJ and Erin joined us.
5. March, the Kids and I went to the Chocolate Fest at the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum, And Elyssa turned 9
6. May, Erin and I hosted a baby shower in a box. This was for her sister in law who moved away.
7. May, I got a new kitchen door with windows!
8. May, Our first Pine Wood Derby.
9. May, We put in our very first garden in our new home. It was huge!
10. May, Memorial Day weekend, we went on our first ever trip to Moab. Lots of adventure!
11. June, Miss Abi graduated from High school and I hosted her graduation party.

12. June, Justin and I surprised the kids with an ice cream adventure, we left the house at 9pm and drove to Park City to have ice cream I had packed. We got home around midnight.
13. July, Elyssa made her very first batch of apricot freezer jam all by herself.
14. July, 17th, that's my birthday I turned 33 and the neighbors house burned down.
15. July, I dyed my daughters hair pink. Yes she is only nine and it is only hair!
16. August, we went to Justin's family reunion, there was a 1/2 wolf, 1/2 German Shepherd there.
17. August, Kids went to Disney Land with grandma and grandpa.
18. August, we bought Jet skis.
19. August, We went on a church campout.
20. September, I was asked at the last minute to go to a ladies retreat. It was a ton of fun!
21. September, I participated in the Taste of Home cooking school. It was an all day adventure and then I helped present during the evening session.
22. September, Justin and I took our last ride on the honda motorcycle to the alpine loop. Unbeknownst to us.
23. October, Justin went hunting and shot an elk. I painted our bedroom! PURPLE...
24. October, Erin and I hosted our 3rd annual pumpkin carving party.

25. October, I started Guest blogging for
26. October, Justin and I dressed up and went to our first ever Halloween party with out the kids.
27. November, The kids went with Abi and Grandma and Braydeelicious to the Park City art museum to see the lego sculpture exhibits.

28. November, The ladies of our church were published in the Taste Of Home Cook Book, Cooks Who Care Edition.
29. November, I catered a wedding....Huge Event.
30. November, Justin bought a Harley Davidson Road King. Which I still have not been on! Hurry up spring!
31. November, Justin and I got new tattoos. We had wedding bands done or in my case a "J" on my ring finger.
32. November, Ashton turned 12
33. December, Justin and I celebrated our 15th anniversary. We also renewed our wedding vows.

34. December, I was just published in the Country Woman Magazine, due out in Feb/Mar 2010 (pg. 37)

PHEW!! That is a lot of remembering...Thank Goodness I have photos to help!
We have so much to be thankful for. We have had our share of hardships this year but the good outweighs the bad sevenfold! We are so richly blessed with the best friends and family any one could ask for. Our experiences and memories are so full!!! So here we are at a new beginning, out with the old and in with the new! (that is my fridge motto! haha)
So I wish you all a very blessed, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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