Saturday, January 9, 2010


Resolutions have never been my thing. I don't make a New Years resolution never have probably never will. But I came across a concept that I really liked while reading some of the blogs I follow.
The concept was about 1 word. That's it one word!
At first, I really liked the idea but I had no intention of actually doing it. Let me explain how it works. Or my vague understanding of how it works.
First, you write a list of one word things that you would like to work on this coming year. Things that maybe you should focus on. Next, place each of these items, that you have cut into strips, into a hat or basket or bowl. Then, you mix them up and draw one out. Lastly, this is the word that you focus on for the New Year. For the whole year.

My friend Jo has decided to do this. I loved the concept but as I said before I was not about to do it....something about being too lazy. Any how as the week wore on I felt more and more like I really should do this. I tried to let it go. But to no avail, it just became a nagging thing. Well, I am a homeschool mom and If I have to do it everyone has to do it. You know the drill ... it is a valuable lesson and we can all learn something from this. (COWARD)

I gave the kids a piece of paper and explained exactly how this thing was going to go down. Then I split and let them write their lists. I have to say I was very impressed with the lists. I had mine yet to write. Although I had been praying about what it was that God would have me work on. I have to admit there was a time or two that I said I'm not putting that on the list! Well they made the list anyway...

Here are the lists we made:

Help out
Wake up


Before the kids pulled a slip of paper out of their bowls I asked them if they had prayed about it. They both said yes, Elyssa said she had prayed about it the night before and Asked if I would pray with her over her bowl. We prayed that God would guide our hands and that whatever we chose, it would be Him that decided what it was we needed to work on. We also prayed that God would give us strength and wisdom to work on these things.

Out of the bowl Elyssa chose: Lying

Although she does not just fabricate stories and is not a bald faced malicious liar, She really irritates Ashton with the, "MOM said you have to go and see her", so that when he leaves what he is doing.... she takes his seat. Or the I was just playing a joke on him type of LIE. Still a LIE! She knows this and she was very excepting of her choice.

Out of the bowl Ashton chose: Anger

Very fitting I assure you. At first I was puzzled I told him, that he didn't really seem angry at all, EVER! Well, as he told me the crux of the problem I understood. He said Elyssa was always lying to him and tricking him and it made him super angry ALL the time. YES, 2 birds with one stone Lord! You surely have a sense of humor, GOD!

Before I tell you about my bowl. Let me tell you that I had a difficult time with the list. There were things that I already knew I had to work on. And I fully recognized them and then there were things that I knew could be worked on but did not want to recognize them. I wanted to push some of these things under the rug. Not look at them because they can be really ugly. Not want to deal with them because they can get nasty.

I knew my weight was an issue and I try always to eat healthy, Justin is the one who chooses to eat Oreos and Lay's potato chips for every break. I rarely touch the things... The problem is that I am not active! Plain and simple. We got the new Wii Fit Plus for Christmas and I am really enjoying that.

I knew I needed to learn how to communicate with people on the phone better. I am great in person, I do great with an email but I really don't want to pick up the phone and call anyone and ask how they are doing.

I knew my Bible study had been lacking for a while.

Fear I have some of those. Usually I am able to just surrender those to God and let them go but there are a couple that keep me hostage.

There were many on my list as you can see but the one I really did not want to put on the list was Talking-G. The G stands for GOSSIP. But I was too coward to put that on my list. As a matter of fact I said I am not putting this on the list! But you can see it was on the list.

So on to the bowl,
Out of my bowl I chose:


Imagine that! I really had to come to grips with that! I knew exactly what would come out of the bowl!!! I was not one little bit surprised!
Now, let me tell you I don't make it a habit to go around and speak maliciously about other people. Generally speaking it is almost always out of concern for another's well being. But let me give you the definition of

From Webster's 1828 dictionary... n. One who runs from house to house tattling and telling news. An Idle tattler, Idle talk.

Merriam Webster's online.... n. 1. a person who habitually reveals personal or sensational facts about others. 2. rumor or report of a personal nature, chatty talk.

IDLE: Merriam websters online: Lacking worth or basis; Idle chatter

CHATTER: To talk idly.

TATTLING: v. 1. to let out secrets,
2. to chatter, prate or gossip.
3. to utter idly; disclose by gossip
n. 4. the act of tattling
5. idle talk chatter gossip.

I really don't feel like I go house to house telling secrets. But regardless of what I speak about, generally it will lack worth. It doesn't affect me so why do I talk about it. As long as it is not being discussed with the person in the situation it should not be talked about. But what if I am really irritated with someone and I let my husband know about it... Is that gossip? Not sure? But I am going to treat it like gossip. I am going to work really hard to put these conversations to an end. The best thing I can do is keep the conversation on wholesome things.

So the focus this year is going to be Ephesians 4:29!

Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.


Jolene said...

YEA! I'm so glad that you did this! God does have a way of getting our attention.

I don't know that the others that I know of who did this made list and drew "lots" out of a bowl but to me that was letting God decide what I needed to focus on this year. I for sure wouldn't have choose MY word for myself - it would have been something like laugh of fun if it were up to me :)


this is great and something i really needed to read today! thanks so much for sharing!