Thursday, December 17, 2009

Abi's comment on my last post

My sister commented on my post and I thought it was clever! Thanks ABI !!!!!

was the week before Christmas and all through Stacey's home,
everyone was carrying about on their own.
The dishes were in the dishwasher that day,
waiting for someone to put them away.

the children were all finished with school,
and Justin put away all of his tools.
and mama in the kitchen cooking for J,
but came upon a small delay.

When on the kitchen floor there arose such a clatter,
mama looked around to see what was the matter.
Ashton sprung back outta the way,
filled with a great deal of dismay.

Both with a look of surprise on their face,
wondering what to think of the place.
when what to their wondering eyes should appear,
was a bunch of broken glass that came out of nowhere.

with litle broken pieces that were dangerous as can be,
and so many tiny ones they couldnt even see.
more extreme than ever before,
looks like this family is in for an extra chore.

now ashton, now tia, now justin, and skye,
Stacey said with a sigh,
to the living room you go,
be very careful and dont cut your toe!

they hurried along and did what she said,
when all of a sudden Stacey saw red,
they looked at the bottom of ashton's foot,
found some blood, and a little trace of soot!

she rushed to the bathroom to get a band-aid,
while on the couch ashton just layed.
she got him all ready and fixed him all up,
and gave him a drink of water in a cup.

they cleaned up the mess, and said a short prayer,
Thank you Dear God for taking great care!
at last they were able to enjoy their dinner,
as Stacey proclaimed she was a winner.

I wanted new dishes, its about time,
I'm about ready for a new design.
I cant wait for christmas, i know what i'll get,
Justin dont you worry, it wont put us in debt!

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Jolene said...

That is the greatest - I LOVE it!