Monday, December 14, 2009

Justin's vows to me

These are the vows my wonderful husband wrote to me. I refused to listen to them or read them until our ceremony. Now I am posting them.

Today I want to renew my vows to you. The most loving, beautiful, person I could ever hope to spend my life with. It's truly amazing how fast 15 years can go, when you spend time with someone, who you can connect with in all aspects of life. I truly thank GOD for bringing us together.
I will continue to be there for you, in your good times and bad. I look forward to the rest of our lives with each other. I hope to be the husband you deserve, and I will give you all I have to give.

Today I renew my vow to love you and support you, and be there for you through whatever life brings us. And to be a loving, true, and faithful husband as long as we both shall live.

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