Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the unexpected window covering

A few weeks ago Justin came to me and said he had a great idea for curtains for Ashton's room.


Ok so he got my attention with that statement..... Justin would rather die a thousand deaths than to go into a store like Linens n Things. He wants nothing to do with the home decor other than to tell me that I can't paint a tree on the wall or paint the house rumpus room colors.

That being said I was thoroughly intrigued by the thought that Justin had been thinking about curtains. hmmmm..... interesting what else does he think about?

Ok so here is his big idea and providing Ashton liked it, it would be a go.

He said "we have a box of those emergency military blankets we bought along time ago, I was thinking they would be really cool for a boys room."

(I am going to really work hard here to get the rest of this story right as I am clueless to the world of electrical supplies!)

Then he said, "If I cut some slits in the top of the blanket and thread some conduit through those slits, I will have a curtain rod, then I can attach them to the wall with uni-strut straps." (Bear with me I don't know a uni-strut strap from a tie wrap.....)

I thought that this would be a really great idea and it would also insulate his window on cold winter nights. Now did Ashton like the idea? Yes he did he thinks they are really cool he likes the military look it gives to his room.
The best part is that it did not cost us a dime we had all of the stuff to do it just hangin' around in the basement and the shed. Will I let him give the same window treatment to our bedroom? Not a Chance.....

But I guess if Justin ever gets layed off he can go into interior design!

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