Monday, January 5, 2009

Baby it's cold outside......

It is soooo cold out there and it is icy and not much fun to check the mail any more...... I long for spring!!!

So how do you burn off some childhood energy when it looks like this outside? Mind you this is not just snow, but it came with 6 degrees for a low and 17 degrees for the high, way too cold for me to let my kids go out. Any way if I did they would have been out for less than 10 minutes and they would have trampled into my kitchen a foot of snow, I would have been dealing with frostbite victims who would be sure they were going to lose their fingers cuz' "they hurt so bad mom, I think I need hot cocoa"..... that I am going to waste 2/3 of. Right! Well I did not let them out and they survived being stuck in doors. They decided to try their luck at target practice in the living room. First things first load your weapon!
Ready.......... Aim......... Fire.........

It kept them entertained for a while and Justin even got in on the fun!
This is infinitely better than when the kids decided a couple of weeks ago to purchase dollar store bow and arrows. I was not worried a bit. If the kids wanted to spend their cash on a stupid piece of plastic that doesn't even work, so be it. What I did not count on was that they might could work....hmmmm. Next time I will be a little more on my guard. The first sign that they worked was when Ashton shot an arrow into my Christmas tree, It went straight through a glass ornament shattering it. Imagine his surprise that it actually worked, and now he had a mess to clean up! After that I banned Bow and Arrow Fun in the living room. Fortunately they only lasted a couple of days. I do approve of target practice in the living room, I think it is great fun, well it looks fun anyway. I might have to get in on the action next time!!!

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