Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sometimes there are consequences of being a "lazy mom"

Today I told the kids that I wanted them to do all of their laundry. I did not want to see a stitch of dirty laundry in their rooms. I had to do a bit of work and I needed them to be occupied....
When I returned home I found that Ashton had a surprise for me. His favorite hoodie the one he got for his birthday it is a creamy white color. Well, WAS a creamy white color. Now it is pink, pink, pink! Not only is his hoodie pink so are all of his underwear and socks. I told him he is supposed to wash those separately. Any how they got thrown in with the rest of the colored laundry. I asked what he washed that was red and he said alot of things, but specifically his new red shirt from Egypt.

Well there you go!

Elyssa said " I guess Egypt got the curse of the pink underwear on him"

wish me luck I am going to try to use bleach but I am skeptical.....

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