Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Trouble With NOUNS.....

Yesterday was a typical school day in our house...... However we are having trouble with nouns.
Here is a peek into a conversation Elyssa and I had yesterday.
ME: " Elyssa please read the first sentence and then tell me what the nouns are."
Elyssa: "Ok, Do I have to do all of the sentences?"
Me: " Elyssa, Yes, now no more complaining."
Elyssa: "Fine. One day a fox was walking along in the forest when he spotted a bunch of grapes hanging on a vine." (actual sentence) " now what do you want me to do?"
Me: " tell me what the nouns are."
Elyssa: "Fox" "Forest" "grapes" "Vine"
Me: "Great now tell me if they are singular or plural. What is Fox a person, place, or thing?"
Elyssa: " Mom, fox is a single fox." " it is a person!"
I proceeded to explain to her that a fox was not a person, She just said that to her a fox was a person.... This is the animal lover in her, she is one with the animals hence animals are persons too......

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